This is important to us

Our ambition

We focus on what we do best and continuously strive to provide fundamentally new and highly practical solutions to inspire and assist our customers, both creatively and productively.

Lamello solutions pay for themselves! They enable our customers to work more flexibly, productively and effectively than ever before. Our high-quality solutions are based on continuous innovation and deeply embedded expertise. We remain true to our roots, developing and producing top-quality products in Switzerland for our discerning customers around the globe.

Our employees embody the essence of our very own, established and forward-looking culture and existence. No matter what function or position they occupy, they understand our business, taking on active responsibility and contributing to the success of the company. Everyone is actively involved, pitches in and brings their ideas to the table.

This is important to us

Your satisfaction
Products and system solutions are only as good as they prove themselves to be in practice. At Lamello, we don't take things for granted, but instead set out to impress and inspire our customers on a daily basis. Technology from Lamello gives you significant benefits in the face of global competition, maximises your productivity and opens up new horizons for design and creativity.

Showing you new methods and possibilities
In addition to state-of-the-art technology, we also provide unique solutions – such as the Invis Mx and the P-System – that continue to amaze our customers. We have built up our considerable wealth of expertise over the course of more than 60 years. This knowledge is complemented by a large dose of curiosity and a close relationship with our customers.

Quality, precision and reliability that lives up to our promises
You can trust our highly trained, committed employees. We offer many years of experience in high-quality joining and woodworking technology and are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Durability and efficiency go hand in hand
When it comes to the development, construction and design of our products, we are uncompromising and we focus on practical solutions. The result is machinery characterised by its hard-wearing technology, sophisticated design and simple operation.

System solutions
For Lamello, the service does not end with a single product. We provide complete systems and application solutions to meet your very specific needs, in keeping with our motto: "Made to match perfectly"

The environment
Lamello products and systems have always been designed for proven durability and reliability. This legendary durability helps to preserve precious resources and protects the environment by reducing waste. The high environmental standards at our production site in Switzerland also ensure careful use of resources – a considerable portion of which come from sustainable management.