Glueing-System – System advantages

Efficient glueing-system for powerful bonds

    • Glueing-System function

      • PVA glue in the pressure tank is always ready for use. Glue application is started by simply attaching the required nozzle to the fixed glue pistol via the bayonet coupling.
      • A single pump is enough to expel the entire 3, 5 or 10 kg volume of glue, even over an extended period of time
    • Precise dosage

      • The glue is fed into the pistol at a constant pressure. The glue quantity is regulated via the rotary knob behind the trigger
      • Perfect glue quantity ensures strong connections without wastage
      • Pneumatically controlled glue pistols ensure perfect dosage of the required glue quantity with hand-held or permanently installed systems
    • Accurate glue application

      • A wide range of nozzles ensures that the glue is always applied to the correct location – be it in dowel holes, on the surface or in the groove – thus ensuring strong connections without glue wastage
    • Efficient glue application

      • Rapid application due to glue pressurisation, ideal dosage and correct nozzle for every job
      • Bayonet coupling for quick nozzle changes
      • System is always ready for use and requires minimal cleaning of the glue pistol head and nozzles