• System advantages

  • Classic X
    Original biscuit joiner for any workshop

  • Top 21
    Original biscuit joiner with height-adjustable cutter

  • Original biscuit
    The original biscuit – always a perfect fit!

  • Clamex S
    Connecting fittings for panels from 16 mm

  • E20
    Self-clamping element


  • Fast
    Clip-in connector with self-cutting edges

  • Metal
    Slide-in connector to screw

  • Champ
    Slide-in connector to glue

  • K20
    Clamping element

  • C20
    Element for solid surfaces

  • Simplex
    Detachable slide-in connector

  • Duplex
    Furniture hinge

  • Glue applicators
    Glue applicators for biscuit grooves

  • Clamping set
    Clamping system for carcasses

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