• P-System introduction

    Advantages of the P-System

    The advantages of the P-System and its Clamex P-14, Tenso P-14 and
    Divario P-18 connectors are also being well received in CNC production
    Several thousand companies worldwide use the inserting system on their CNC machines. This impetus is further 
accelerated by the integration
    of macros in many new machines and by adapting existing products to
    the P-System, for example the Weeke BHX 200 or the Benz Flex 5+C

    Thanks to the efficient cutting of the P-system groove, using P-system
    connectors is even more efficient and reliable.

  • Swivelling units, such as the Flex 5+C from Benz, enable P-System grooves to be cut at any angle. It is thus possible to utilise this great advantage of the connecting fittings and to join and clamp pieces together at all sorts of different angles.


  • Efficiently clamp or glue mitres or butt joints together using Tenso or Clamex or create detachable joints.


  • Integration of the P-System with the BHX 200, the vertical machining
    centre from Weeke, offers one of the fastest ways of creating
    P-System grooves.

  • Ideal for machining on CNC machining centres with pod and rail or nesting technology – whatever your production philosophy. In the case of nesting machines it can also be expedient to combine the machine with Zeta P2 due to the somewhat inaccessible edges



    "An aesthetic solution and
    a saving on time thanks to the
    P-System from Lamello»

    Marco Blaser, CNC machine operator and deputy
    workshop manager, Stuber Team AG, Rotkreuz

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