• System advantages

  • Zeta P2
    The profile biscuit joiner for P-System connecting fittings

  • Combination of CNC machines and Zeta P2
    Combining strengths


  • Divario P-18
    Self-clamping, invisible fitting for slide insertion

  • Tenso P-14
    Invisible, self-clamping furniture fitting, with preload function


  • Clamex P-14
    Detachable connecting fitting for panels from 16 mm

  • Clamex P Medius 14/10
    detachable connecting fitting for centre panels

  • Clamex P-10
    Connecting fittings for material thicknesses from 13 mm

  • Bisco P
    Aligning element
    Bisco P-10
    Bisco P-14

  • P-System CNC tools

  • P-System accessories


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