Combination of CNC machines and Zeta P2

Combining strengths

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  • Precise drilling on a CNC machine; use these drill holes to position the Zeta P2 to cut the P-System grooves
  • Ideal combination: This method combines the precision and efficiency of a CNC machine and uses the simple and fast machining of a P-System groove with a Zeta P2
  • Short setup time with a Zeta P2
  • No specific angle aggregates, software or CNC tools necessar
  • Precise positioning for center panels


  • This application is especially ideal for nesting machines, when the cost for an additional aggregate can't be justified or the machine cannot be upgraded anymore.


251067 Positioniong clip Zeta P2 D 6 mm + save
251066 Positioning pin Zeta P2 D 8 mm + save
251048 Positioning pin Zeta P2 D 5 mm + save
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