P-System – System advantages

Form-locking, tool-free installation of fittings

    • Strong and form-locking
      Form-locking anchorage across large surface areas ensures optimum tensile strength even with weaker materials

    • Fast fitting installation
      Insertion instead of screwing or glueing means no waiting for adhesive to dry

    • Tool-free fitting installation
      The connecting fittings are inserted manually into the profile groove without the need for tools

    • Wear-free disassembly
      The connecting fittings can be removed from the profile groove for surface treatment without causing wear

    • Lateral tolerance in the profile groove
      Since the connectors are not secured with screws, they can move within the groove, allowing perfectly flush alignment of the work piece

    • Lateral ridges
      The ridges on the sides of the fittings ensure that they stay in the groove, even when transporting parts with pre-fitted P-System fittings

    • Versatile angle joints
      P-System fittings can be used for virtually any angle. The groove is always positioned at a 90 degree angle to the joint

    • Minimal cutting depth
      Minimal material thickness of 12 mm thanks to anchorage with large surface in shallow cutting depth – ideal for panel connections

    • Clamex P

      Detachable connecting fitting


    • Tenso P

      with preload function

      Self-clamping fitting as glueing aid,
      for all angles


    • Divario P

      Self-clamping, invisible fitting for slide insertion


      • Fast installation
        Inserting instead of screwing or glueing

      • Detachable
        Open the connection time and time again
        with the rotating lever

      • Aesthetic
        The small, hardly visible opening (Ø = 6 mm) serves to close and open the connector

      • High clamping force
        Clamp and glue work pieces at any angle, ~ 80 kg

      • Stackable
        Work pieces with pre-installed P-System fittings are stackable for storage and transport

      • Versatile
        The shallow element depth allows for mitres from 22.5 – 180°, surface, corner and dividing panel connections
      • Fast installation
        Inserting instead of screwing or glueing

      • Glueing
        Fixed joints of two workpieces

      • Invisible
        No visible fitting

      • High clamping force
        Allows for perfect alignment and clamps
        the workpieces ~ 15 kg

      • Versatile
        Simple glueing of mitre joints

      • Lower assembly force
        Only a short power impulse necessary to join, regardless of the number of connectors
      • Fast Installation
        Inserting instead of screwing or glueing

      • Sliding Insertion
        Insertion between two fixed sides
        or shelves via a guiding groovet

      • Invisible
        Guiding groove covers the fittings

      • Campe joint
        No resistance while inserting until shortly
        before building the clamping force

      • Fast installation
        Quick installation of the fittings without
        glue after transport 

      • Assemble by sliding
        Partially routed guiding groove for
        completely invisible furniture joints
    • Install connecting fittings with a power tool
      Installation of connecting fittings at all angles using a power tool, be it on the move, in the workshop or at the construction site

    • Very short installation
      Corner joint with two Clamex P connectors in less than 2 minutes!

    • Minimal setup time
      Regardless of the angle, the Zeta P2 is rapidly configured and ready for use

    • Familiar application
      Fast, simple and precise working in the familiar manner using Lamello biscuit joiners without positioning aids with application against the work piece edge.

    • Same process on both sides
      Time savings and minimised error risk due to identical processing of both work pieces without changing the cutting depth

    • Automatic P-System cutter movement
      Automatic, fast cutting movement when maximum depth is reached – powered by secure, reliable, mechanical, low-wear technology

    • Rotating depth adjuster
      Fast changing of connector size by turning the depth adjuster, without the need to switch tools

    • Turn off the profile groove function
      Use as standard biscuit joiner for 19 additional applications with a 4mm blade

      Zeta P2

    • Serial installation of connecting fittings
      Efficient and precise installation of P-System connecting fittings, with their many benefits, using a wide range of CNC machines

    • Partnerfirmen
      Partner companies

    • Direct transfer from CAD/CAM
      The program for the CNC machine can be transferred directly from the CAD/CAM program

    • Reproducibility
      Identical position and precision for the production of replaceable work pieces, from one lot to the next

      P-System CNC