Machine wood


  • System advantages

  • G2A
    Grooving machine for Minispot grooves of size 2 and 8

  • G20 S2
    Grooving machine for Minispot grooves of all sizes

  • Minispot patches
    Patches in various sizes and wood species

  • Patchmaker 2
    For the production of size 2 patches

  • Plano 45 S2
    Flush trimming machine for protruding wood pieces

Renovating windows

  • Tanga DX200
    The light-weight power pack for the clean removal of windows

  • Variocut
    Expansion gap cutter for widths from 4 to 8 mm

Edge processing

  • Profila E plus
    Edge profiling with large base plate

  • Profila Pro plus
    The lightweight and handy profiling machine

  • Cantex Ergo
    Flush trimming for solid wood edges