Renovating windows – System advantages

Soft window renovation – for good customer care

    • Quick and damage-free

      • Cutting into the window frame or brickwork enables careful removal of the window without damaging the wall, windowsill or curtain board
      • Shorter total installation time without the need for painters or plasterers
    • Minimal dust production

      • In combination with the powerful extraction unit, the airflow-optimised construction of the base plate significantly reduces dust emissions
    • High working speed

      • The powerful 1600 W motor with its excellent power-to-weight ratio ensures rapid progress. This is particularly important for overhead work, when cuts have to be made as quickly as possible
    • Cut into the corner

      • When cutting into the window wall, the second base plate enables easy cutting into corners to cut the window completely free
    • Safe precision guidance

      • Optimum safety due to smooth-running, dust-deflecting guidance. In emergencies, the powerful spring immediately covers the saw blade with the base plate
    • High cutting depth

      • Tanga Delta is compatible with tools up to 200 mm in diameter, which can cut to depths of 68 mm.
      • A range of saw blades and cutting discs are available for different applications