Tanga Delta S2

Multipurpose cutter for window removal with minimal dust emissions

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  • Power tool for removing old window frames by cutting into the brick wall
  • Gentle yet rapid window removal on-site without the need for replastering or repainting.
  • Diamond cutting disc with 180 mm diameter for 58 mm cutting depth and smooth-running guidance for optimum safety


  • Efficient window removal, recutting of window reveal to fit new wider window, cut-outs for weatherboards, wall breakthroughs, cuts in tiled walls


132324 Saw blade D200 Z32, for aluminum windows + save
111553 Tanga Delta S2 with diamond cutting disc + save
132519 Diamond cutting disc D180 (standard) + save
132522 Diamond cutting disc D200, segmented + save
132523 Diamond cutting disc, for plastic windows with steel core + save
132322 Saw blade D200 Z12 (standard) + save
132323 Saw blade D200 Z24, hard-wearing despite screws + save
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Power1600 W with electronic overload protection
Voltage230 V
Speed7‘700 minˉ¹
Diamond cutting discD 180 x 2.6 x 22mm, Z12
Cutting height6 mm groove width
Cutting depth0-58 mm, step less adjustment
0-68 mm with 200 mm cutting disc
Weight5.4 kg