Grooving machine for Minispot grooves of size 2 and 8

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  • G2A is the Minispot grooving machine for milling out knots, resin pockets or damaged areas in sizes 2 and 8
  • With movable, transparent cover for easy positioning in the groove
  • Handy power tool for use in workshops, continuous operation or on-site


  • Grooving out of wood defects such as resin pockets, knots and tears as well as areas that have suffered mechanical damage
  • Repair of high-quality wood, glulam beams, solid wood panels etc.


111702 Minispot G2A + save
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Power780 W
Voltage230 V oder 120V
Speed10‘000 minˉ¹
CutterCarbide-tipped profile groove cutter, size 2
Max. cutting width8 mm
Weight3.1 kg


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