Repairing – System advantages

Patching wood defects and damaged areas

    • Thought through system

      • The complete system comprises the grooving machine for cutting out damaged sections, Minispot patches for repairing various wood types as well as the flush milling machine for planing the protruding wood
    • Cost-saving and sustainable

      • A solid table top with a knothole on the underside no longer has to be discarded. Instead the area can be repaired with a patch of the same wood type, colour and structure.
    • Fitting

      • Different patch sizes for all damaged areas in different widths and lengths
      • Suitable system solutions for repairs on surfaces or edges
    • Fast

      • Optimum hold of patches thanks to fine interlocking in surrounding wood
      • No long waiting times after glueing, thus allowing the repaired section to be planed flush very quickly
    • Invisible

      • Fine interlocking makes the patch invisible on the work piece
      • Patch darkens like the surrounding wood or can be stained, oiled or painted as required