• Required components

    Change to P-System connecting fittings

    P-System fittings are ideal for rational production workflows, as well as for the cost-effective combination of CNC production and machining with the Zeta P2 power tool.

    What setup do I need if I want to create P-System grooves with my CNC machine?

    1. CNC machine and macro
    2. Lamello CNC tools
    3. Possibly angle aggregates
    4. Possibly CAD/CAM design software

    Requirements for your CNC machines.

  • The next steps:

    1. Find out more information on the Lamello website about the requirements of the CNC machine, the appropriate angle aggregates and tools
    2. Contact your service partner or CNC machine manufacturer, discuss your requirements and ask for the corresponding macro to control your CNC machine.
    3. Contact Lamello and request the test pack with cutting tool and Clamex P connectors

    We'd be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

    • Three-axis CNC machine + angle aggregate

      A three-axis CNC machine can generally only be used for right-angled corner joints and additionally requires an angle aggregate for machining into the surface.

      Four-axis CNC machine + adjustable angle aggregate

      A four-axis CNC machine and an angle aggregate can generally only be used for right-angled corner joints. If the angle aggregate is additionally adjustable, then mitred joints can also be produced under certain circumstances.

      Five-axis CNC machine

      A five-axis CNC machine permits joints with a number of different angles to be produced.
      Milling the P system groove in the centre of the plate with 5-axis CNC machines

    • A cutting tool approved by Lamello is needed to produce the patent-pending P-System groove. This process ensures that the connecting elements fit perfectly into the profile groove.

      The P-system cutter can be purchased from Lamello or a contracted manufacturer.

      Usually a cutter arbor is needed for clamping in the main spindle. A long 6 mm drill with a fully carbide drilling template is also available for mitres so that the drill holes do not run out.

      More information about the products

    • An angle aggregate enables the P-System profile groove to be cut into the surface or edge for a range of different angles.

      Benz angle aggregates

      ATEMAG angle aggregates

      Example of a CNC machine with 3 drive axes

      • Cutting into the workpiece edge 1. Cutter in the main spindle
      • Cutting into the workpiece surface: 2. Cutter in the 90° angle head

      The following aggregate types are currently used for P-System cuts:

      • 90° angle aggregate
      • Manually adjustable swivelling aggregate
      • Automatically swivelling aggregate
      • Aggregate with 4 spindles
      • Aggregate for door locks

      Caution when cutting into the surface!

      The distance between the axis centre and the angle head housing should not exceed 34 mm. Otherwise the machine will touch the surface before the maximum cutting depth of 15 mm has been reached.

      Please make sure the aggregates are approved for the system

    • P-System fittings have already been integrated into the CAD and CAM product libraries of our design software partners. This will reduce your design time on a new product, as the most important parameters have already been saved for distance and positioning.

      Instead of carrying out the entire programming on the CNC machine, the machine's idle time can also be reduced by transferring the CAD/CAM software.