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Cabineo - the time-saving cabinet connector without edge drilling

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We are delighted to introduce our new Cabineo furniture connector to you today! Cabineo is a one-piece connector to connect cabinets and is inserted into a drilled or machined shape which is machined solely from the surface. Its design means it can be machined on all CNC machines, including 3-axis machines and nesting machines. When compared with a cam and dowel, the Cabineo offers more efficient machining and faster assembly. A key advantage is the use of the Cabineo without additional dowels and the impressive clamping force makes the Cabineo all the more attractive.


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Advantages of Cabineo

Time savings throughout the manufacturing process, from production to assembly.

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Ruepp Schreinerei AG in Sarmenstorf

„Cabineo is amazingly simple. A well designed surprise!“, commented Mr Meinrad Keusch.
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