Application inspiration

Be inspired by our application examples, customer reports and tips & tricks
Invis Mx2 links cubes at Zentrum Paul Klee
Complete preparations in the workshop, and make connections quickly and invisibly on-site!
Gluing furniture parts on site using P-System
Glue mitres perfectly, without needing to transport clamps to the construction site.
Creative shelving units with Divario P-18
Insert horizontal or vertical separating units without tools
Gain space in final assembly thanks to P-System
And with no need to wait for glue to dry, furniture parts don’t use up clamps or space in the final assembly area.
The ultimate floating wine shelf
Simply use the Divario P-18 to insert, and create solid connections for shelf sides
New generation of home furniture
All that’s visible is a 6mm operating hole for the detachable Clamex P-14
Solidly and aesthetically connected cafeteria bar table
The P-System means that the Clamex P-14 is perfectly anchored and powerfully clamps the mitre together
Solid wood drawer featuring cutting-edge joining solution
Tenso P-14 instead of dovetailing – Invisible, stable, quick.
Organic, natural separation wall with Divario P-18
Achieve a clean aesthetic using P-System joining solutions
Clever shelving connection for home furniture
Transport it disassembled, insert it, and you’re done!
Efficiently producing and assembling fitted cabinets using Cabineo
A stable, premounted connector – no additional dowels required
Aesthetically connected desks with modern design
Flat-pack delivery, but with quick, stable and detachable assembly
Complete creative freedom thanks to the P-System connector range
Joining solutions for all angles and connection situations