Minispot patches

Patches in various sizes and wood species
Holz bearbeiten


Minispot patches are used to repair wood defects and damaged areas with the same wood species, colour and structure. The Minispot patches are available in widths of 8, 15 or 20 mm and lengths of up to 81 mm. Minispot rods are also available in lengths of up to 500 mm.Thanks to its optimum hold through interlocking with the surrounding wood and careful matching of the wood colour and structure, the patches become virtually invisible. The patches also darken with the wood, meaning that the repaired area will remain permanently concealed.

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Minispot patch size 2, spruce, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 2, pine, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 2, larch, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 2, Nordic pine, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 2, oak, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 2, Siberian larch, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 2, Meranti, 500 pcs.

Minispot patch size 20, spruce, 160 pcs.

Minispot patch size 20, Nordic spruce, 160 pcs.

Minispot patch size 20, pine, 160 pcs.

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Custom wood species

Available in different sizes on request.

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