The clamping element
Holz verbinden


K20, the clamping element that serves as a glueing aid for work pieces that are difficult to clamp, e.g. screens and covers. K20 is applied alternately with biscuits and holds the work piece in position until the glue in the biscuit notches has dried.

  • Plastic element with lateral clamping ridges for anchoring in the groove
  • Used in combination with biscuits
  • Can be installed with any biscuit joiner
  • Assembly aid for work pieces that are difficult to clamp, such as screens, covers etc.
  • Furniture and kitchen manufacturing, shop fitting, booth construction, installers

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K20, 80 pcs

K20, 250 pcs

Technical information

Size (mm):
60 x 24 x 4.5 mm
ø 100 x 4 x 22

Technical documentation and video

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