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Wiederlösbarer Möbelverbinder mit präziser Ausrichtung

Clamex P-14 CNC

NEW: Detachable furniture connector with precise alignment

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Cabineo 8 M6

Cabineo 8 M6

Wear-resistant cabinet connector for various materials and increased strength

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Tenso P-10

Tenso P-10

Self-clamping connector for gluing thin materials from a thickness of 12 mm

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Divario P – Once you have it you can...

Divario P – Once you have it you can...

... slide shelves easily into assembled furniture.
... join invisibly and self-clamping.
... assemble quickly and without tools.

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magnetangetriebene Verbindung

Invis Mx2

- Clamps
- Invisible
- Detachable
The unique magnet-driven connection with an even higher clamping force!

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Lamello highlights 2020

Lamello News Spring 2020

Our latest issue of Lamello News is packed full of exciting topics!

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Detachable connector with precise alignment

Now available: Clamex P-14 CNC

Precise, detachable, versatile: find out all about the new Clamex P-14 CNC

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Lamello biscuit Joiners

3 year warranty for Lamello biscuit Joiners

Register now your new biscuit joiner & get 3 years warranty!

Finish wall claddings with a mitre

Tips and Tricks: Tenso P-10

Finish wall claddings with a mitre instead of an edge for greater aesthetics

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Wear-resistant cabinet connector for various materials and increased strength

New video: Cabineo 8 M6

Discover the benefits of the Cabineo 8 M6 now in our video.

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Lamello's system solutions are synonymous with quality, innovation and excellent functionality, and are used across the globe where they have proven their worth millions of times over!
Susanne Affolter,
Managing Director and Owner at Lamello AG

Join wood

Innovative and reliable: everything you need to know about the Lamello wood connecting elements

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Machine wood

Woodworking machines from Lamello: longevity and unique quality

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Customer reports

Discover the versatile application possibilities of Lamello wood connectors

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