Who we are

Lamello's system solutions are synonymous with quality, innovation and excellent funcionality, and are used across the globe where they have proven their worth millions of times over!
Susanne Affolter,
Managing Director and Owner at Lamello AG

A strong connection. Inspiring.

Together we are strong

Lamello’s motto is "Pioneering wood joining", which refers not only to our innovative profile groove joining systems, but also our employees. It is our staff who give Lamello its pioneering character: every day they strive to inspire our customers with superb service and achieve the very best results by working as a team. After all, trust is only earned through utmost professionalism; this is our secret to success. Lamello connects – and not just through our products. Each and every employee plays a vital role in the work we do – however our true strength is as a team.

Passionate. Award-winning.

Design Awards

It’s not just end users who believe that Lamello supplies outstanding products. Juries from a wide range of categories have also honoured our sophisticated system solutions many times over. This great recognition of our quality also serves as an incentive for us to keep pushing forward. We therefore make the following promise to you: we will continue to dedicate ourselves fully in all areas of our work.

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Responsible. Firmly rooted.

Environmental responsibility.

The concepts of sustainability, ecology and commitment define how we think and thus how we work. One example of this is the legendary durability of our products, which protects the environment by reducing waste whilst simultaneously conserving valuable resources. Another example is our ongoing efforts to improve the energy efficiency of our company and production processes. The high environmental standards at our production site in Switzerland also ensure careful use of resources – a considerable portion of which come from sustainable management.

Formed more than seven decades ago in search of a solution to inspire the wood processing technology industry right through to the present day.
Karl Steiner,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Looking back. Thinking ahead.

Ideas that were always ahead of their time.

Every milestone starts with an idea. However, defining or even revolutionary ideas don't just come about like that. It is only through many years of practical knowledge and intensive development work together with our customers that we have been able to constantly come up with new solutions, and in so doing decisively shape the market for wood joining technology and wood processing to this day.