Werkkollektiv – a success story from Stuttgart

Carpentry company Werkkollektiv, Germany
EAW Werkkollektiv
Bringing together various craftsman skills under one roof and pulling together as a team is a difficult challenge but Werkkollektiv is able to do just that! The company is made up of people who not only complement each other professionally, but who also work well together as a team. Product designers, interior designers and master carpenters work hand in hand to realise extraordinary projects. "We definitely have a lot of confidence in each other!" beams co-owner Chris Wilkens. 

The projects that have been implemented prove that these are not just empty words. In 2012, Werkkollektiv started its journey with founders Marco and Sören, who were booked as classic trade fair constructors for assembly and installation work at events and trade fairs. Today, the company has 16 employees and offers a product portfolio that includes built-in cupboards, wardrobes, bathroom furniture and bespoke solutions. "During the pandemic, we lost all the orders in trade fair construction, which forced us to focus more intensely on furniture and interior fitting," says Chris. "We are now predominantly involved in furniture construction, but we are also involved in joinery, especially in old building projects and repairs." 

EAW Werkkollektiv

Connection technology reimagined with Cabineo X

Lamello is launching a new connector Cabineo X. It is an expansion of the proven Cabineo range based on surface machining. The new, open-top housing of the connector is ideal for retrofitting and fixing shelves or corner connections. The carpentry company Werkkollektiv tested the Cabineo X before the product launch and describes the advantages of the latest Lamello cabinet connector in our customer report.

EAW Werkkollektiv

Cabineo X – a new era

As a test customer, Werkkollektiv had the opportunity to test the new Cabineo X cabinet connector and shelf support prior to market launch. Like its predecessor models – the Cabineo 8 and 12, as well as Cabineo 8 M6, the Cabineo X also relies on pure surface machining. What's new is that the Cabineo screw is inserted through the open Cabineo X housing and screwed into the counterpart with a hexagon bit. When used with screws, Cabineo X is ideal for retrofitting and fixing shelves or corner connections. Combined with shelf supports, Cabineo X prevents shelves from falling out. 

When asked about the advantages of Cabineo X, Chris Wilkens replies: "The subject of adjustable shelves is particularly interesting for open shelf units. While shelf supports with insertion pins are not particularly attractive, there aren't really many other options with an open shelf. This is where Cabineo X steps in –offering an aesthetic solution that is also easy for the customer to use afterwards. For example, if the shelves are to be placed differently within the unit." Chris also likes the new Cabineo X housing. "Whether we’re working on corner connections or adjustable shelves, I can use the same housing everywhere." The use of the same connector for corner connections and shelves creates a pleasing aesthetic. 

We manufacture many pieces of furniture with wood and metal. The freedom that Cabineo offers us in joining these two materials is fantastic.
Chris Wilkens, co-owner 

Agility in challenging times thanks to Cabineo

The Cabineo cabinet connector came at just the right time for Werkkollektiv. "Increasing demand for custom furniture pushed our production capacity to the limit. Our connection solution at the time proved to be inefficient in the production process, which prompted us to consider the Cabineo cabinet connector as an alternative solution," explains Chris. He continues: "Cabineo enables precise and clear machining from above and is more programmable due to its surface machining. Workpieces can also be transported more easily and the furniture can be neatly stacked on top of each other – advantages that our old solution did not offer. The introduction of Cabineo has catapulted the way we produce furniture to a new level of efficiency." 

With Cabineo 8 M6, for example, the possibility of combining different materials is particularly impressive. "We manufacture many pieces of furniture with wood and metal. The freedom that Cabineo offers us in joining these two materials is fantastic. No other connector on the market can do this."

Werkkollektiv places its trust in Lamello joining systems because they are not only stylish and well thought-out, but also suit the requirements of the carpentry trade very well. "The flexibility and quality of the connectors have never let us down." Chris concludes our interview with a chuckle and says: "Lamello connectors are world class because they work!"