Objekteinrichtung Hengelhaupt GmbH und Greve Innenausbau GmbH, Grevesmühlen

"Cabineo offers outstanding stability!"
Objekteinrichtung Hengelhaupt GmbH and Greve Innenausbau GmbH form a consolidated company, based in Grevesmuhlen. The companies have been collaborating successfully for over twenty years, primarily producing furniture for a wide range of high-quality developments in the property and private sectors. Their creativity, innovation and professional implementation help make customers' visions a reality. In recent weeks, co-founders and managing directors Ingo Slomski and Thomas Köhler have also been using the new Cabineo connector for their cabinet construction business.

New connector offers an array of advantages
The company, which employs around 63 people including 6 apprentices, has generally used cams in its cabinet construction, although some cabinets have also been dowelled or screwed together. The consolidated company uses the Lamello P-System for slanting cabinet sections, and other fittings are rarely used. Following presentation of the new Cabineo connector by Lamello sales reps, the joinery was immediately interested in examining the new product in detail.

The fact that the connector only requires surface processing and can be both bored and milled leaves us with a wide range of options in terms of processing, and ensures efficiency in production
Denny Wollmann

We had the opportunity to be present during the production of a cabinet, enabling us to document the individual process steps. First the panels are cut on the horizontal panel saw. Next, the edges are joined using an edge-gluing machine. Finally, the workpieces are processed on one of the CNC machines at the company; of course, the one-piece Cabineo connector can be processed on all CNC machines. The consolidated company’s machinery includes the Homag Venture 22L processing centre (4-axis), Homag 611 nesting machine (5-axis), Homag BHX 055 vertical processing centre, and Biesse Skipper. During our conversation, the managing directors emphasise the particular advantage of the Cabineo connector – that it can be processed by any of their CNC machines: “The fact that the connector only requires surface processing and can be both bored and milled leaves us with a wide range of options in terms of processing, and ensures efficiency in production.” The 5 mm borehole for the corresponding workpiece can also be created immediately on the same CNC machine. Finally, the Cabineo can be mounted very quickly and without the need for tools, since it can simply be tapped into the borehole. The company uses the Cabineo 12 for corner joints and the Cabineo 8 for middle partitions. When asked about the benefits of the new connector, the managing directors were in full agreement: “The Cabineo offers outstanding stability – without the use of wooden dowels. Furthermore, the Cabineo one-piece connector has also impressed us with its design; it is small and barely noticeable.” If the connector needs not to be visible at all, it can be concealed in seconds by applying covering caps, which are available from Lamello in a variety of colours.

The Cabineo keeps its promises

In the bench room, we learn that furniture is generally assembled in the workshop and then transported to the customer. Only very large workpieces are assembled at the customer’s site. Fitter Denny Wollmann confirms that assembling the cabinet is both significantly easier and faster with the Cabineo than with a cam. He explains: “The screws provided allow the workpieces to be aligned perfectly, and then all that’s needed is for us to tighten them using a cordless screwdriver.” With the Cabineo, even adding a shelf at a later point, or assembling a cabinet in an alcove, is a fast, simple process. Objekteinrichtung Hengelhaupt GmbH and Greve Innenausbau GmbH focus on achieving the highest possible quality and precision in their factories. It is this focus that has brought them together with Lamello; thanks to the P-System fittings and the new Cabineo cabinet connector, they can ensure they use fittings that fulfil all these criteria perfectly. “We really value our collaboration with Lamello and are very impressed with the new connector. We would not hesitate to recommend the Cabineo”.

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