Ruepp Schreinerei AG, Sarmenstorf

„Cabineo is amazingly simple. A well-designed surprise!“
Ruepp Schreinerei AG is a Sarmenstorf-based specialist in interior fitting and unites the expertise in wood working with interior design. The company has relied on system solutions from Lamello for many years. The new Cabineo connector performed very well during initial testing. For Ruepp Schreinerei AG, the main advantage is the time saved in various ways, from production to assembly. The aesthetics and simplicity of processing were also highlighted. 

This family company, now in its third generation, was founded in 1936. The company employs 30 cabinet makers and ten apprentices and creates its wood products with passion. The company specialises in kitchens, cabinets and interior fitting and enjoys the challenge of extraordinary requests. Mr Meinrad Keusch, Head of Production and member of the Management Board who had previously completed his apprenticeship with the enterprise, was delighted to immediately put the new connector through its paces in a current project as a test customer. "

We identify with Lamello as a company as well as its values, and were simultaneously surprised and excited by the new connector
Meinrad Keusch

Significantly fewer work steps compared with competing products

During our visit in Sarmentorf we were able to witness the manufacturing process for a cabinet personally. First, the workpiece is cut to length on the horizontal saw. The furniture component is then processed on the CNC Venture 4-axis 10L from Homag. Because Cabineo doesn’t need any holed drilled in the edge, any CNC machine can be used for the Cabineo, including machines with 3 axes or with nesting technology. The 5 mm hole for the Cabineo screw can be drilled with the aggregate for shelf holes and therefore a tool change is not required. In the test, the routed shape was machined with 12mm router bit. Due to this, the inside corners of the routed shape where slightly rounded and enable faster feed – a feature developed in collaboration with Lamello’s CNC partners. Mr Keusch highlights the significant time savings during the production process. He points out that the CNC machinist, Mr Kevin Käppeli, can insert the Cabineo into an already processed workpiece while another workpiece is being machined. Cabineo 12 is used for corner connections and Cabineo 8 for middle partitions. Once the connectors are installed the workpieces are taken to the edge bander. Mr Keusch went on to say: "This method means that we need significantly fewer work steps, making production more efficient." The workpieces with pre-installed Cabineo fittings are easily stacked for transport. In addition, assembly does not require a hardware bag because the connector is already pre-installed– this is just another advantage when using Cabineo. There is no need for a hardware bag which adds logistical and handling cost.

The Cabineo keeps its promises

After transport to the customer, the fitter is able to independently put together the processed and finished furniture. Mr Thomas Emmenegger is able to perfectly align the workpieces using the protruding screw, and quickly and powerfully connect it with the cabinet using a cordless screwdriver. The high clamping force means no additional dowell is required. In a final work process, cover caps are placed on the Cabineo in a matter of seconds. In our conversation, Mr Keusch told us that the added benefit offered by Cabineo is also significant in this subprocess. "The setup time is massively reduced, and the premounted connectors mean that there are absolutely zero mistakes during assembly", Mr Keusch confirmed, with a smile. His passion for carpentry and enthusiasm for the new Cabineo connector is clear. "We identify with Lamello as a company as well as its values, and are simultaneously surprised and excited by the new connector."

Ruepp Schreinerei AG, Sarmenstorf