Stuber Team AG, Rotkreuz

The P-System from Lamello provides an aesthetic and time-saving solution
Stuber Team AG in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, plans, designs and creates tailor-made furniture for interior and kitchen fittings. Lamello AG's P-System connectors impressed with their quality and aesthetics from the start. The P-System groove is cut using the BOF 211/52IAP CNC machine with Flex 5 from HOMAG.

"A Lamello fan from the very beginning"

Today the company employs around 75 members of staff and has 14 trainees. Together they form a motivated and efficient team that make customers' dreams a reality. "Individuality is our policy," Managing Director Gerd Stuber explains. We only make bespoke pieces, which we produce with expert craftsmanship and a love for detail. This is clear when you see the company's showroom – the policy is evidently paying off. Lamello AG connectors are used for workpieces in interior and kitchen fittings every day and with great results. "I have been a Lamello fan from the very beginning, and it’s great to have an innovative and dynamic partner by my side who never fails to surprise me with something new," Mr Stuber tells us during a tour of the company's premises.

Clamex P-14 stands for quality and aesthetics

The Clamex P-14 is regularly and increasingly used in bespoke pieces in interior fitting. The enterprise relies on Lamello connectors, particularly for cupboards, shelf units, mitre joints and discreet, removable connections. The connector features impressive functionality and aesthetics (minimal tool opening), which is essential for the company and corresponds to its own philosophy. Marco Blaser, CNC Machine Operator and Deputy Workshop Supervisor, is impressed by the P-System since both the Clamex P-14 and Tenso P-14 connectors have the same installation depth of 14 mm, they can be installed in the same profile groove, which increases productivity. Both connectors are used, for example, for very long workpieces and for invisible connection solutions.

In the bench room, we meet Bench Carpenter Florian Elmiger who is inserting the connecting fittings into the P-System groove by hand. In his opinion, the P-System connectors offer many advantages. In particular he mentions that, despite the pre-installed connectors, the workpieces can be stacked easily for transportation. This enables a minimal shipment volume and efficient on-site gluing. He also comments on the time-saving advantages and the quick assembly time at the customer's site since no additional tools are required. 

Tenso P-14 - A gluing aid without clamps or presses

Since last November, the company has also been testing Lamello's latest Tenso-P14 connector. A unique aspect of Tenso is its exceptionally high clamping force, which increases with resistance during compression. This allows workpieces to be assembled without screw clamps or presses. Mr Stuber describes this as a considerable advantage during the production facility tour, explaining to us that they use the connector in painted workpieces in particular because dispensing with clamps eliminates the risk of any surface damage. Installing the new connector, which uses the innovative P-System profile groove, is extremely time-saving and efficient. The company also appreciates the advantage provided by the invisible gluing aid, and by the speed and reliability of connector installation.