Furniture workshop Gross GmbH & Co KG

"The P-System is simply fantastic"
Franz Gross, Geschäftsführer
The company, which specialises in the production of unique pieces and interior design, has used Lamello's P-System since 2016. For Gross GmbH & Co KG, the system has become synonymous with gaining productivity and saving time. We were delighted to give them an exclusive opportunity to try out the new assembly feature, Tenso P-10, which has just been added to the Tenso fine materials product range. 

The furniture workshop Gross GmbH & Co KG is a family business that was founded in 1972. With a 20-strong workforce, it is currently run by Franz Gross and his brother, the family's second generation.  'Ideas against the grain' is the Gross workshop's motto. This philosophy is part of the company's DNA. Its mission is to develop innovative, high-quality design solutions for its customers. It is in this spirit that it has developed, in particular with other partners, the brand 'TUERI', a solid wood bed that's resistant to radiation. 

Franz Gross first discovered Lamello's P-System at the HOLZ-HANDWERK woodworking trade fair in Nuremberg. Immediately convinced by its efficiency, he reported back to his team with great enthusiasm. After some initial reservations, they were quickly persuaded by the time saved and ease of use. 

The P-System is simply fantastic. And it's still got significant room for development.
Franz Gross, Managing Director 

A single system for multiple uses

When we met, Franz Gross told us how the P-System is helping make his team's lives easier day-to-day. He added that "the P-System is simply fantastic. And it's still got significant room for development". As well as the time saved and simplicity of the system, it's the fact that the P-System offers the benefit of using a single process that ultimately won over Franz Gross and his team. Indeed, it is possible to use assembly features for different functions with the same milling groove (with an identical depth): the Tenso P-10 or Tenso P-14 for firm bonding and the Clamex P-10 or Clamex P-14 for an assembly that can be dismantled. . 

Manual or digital production 

Gross GmbH & Co KG currently uses the P-System with three Zeta P2 machines and plans to acquire a fourth soon. The compact and convenient Zeta P2 is ideal for designing unique pieces and small batches. At the same time, it has integrated the P-System into its CNC production with the Homag Venture 08 machine and Woodwop programming software. This allows it to easily meet larger-scale production requirements. Incidentally, the parts, once machined, do not require reworking for assembly. 

Tenso P-10: fine material assembly and bonding  

Gross uses the P-System as early as possible in the production process, in particular for drawers, panels, kitchen surfaces, frames, covers, coatings, office furnishings, etc. Most of the furniture it produces is supplied with firm bonding, which is why it usually uses the Tenso assembly element. This element's properties give it a very strong grip (without a clamp or press) and a perfect finish, as it's completely invisible. It is an ideal solution for the furniture workshop constantly striving to offer its customers the best possible service.

Franz Gross is even more delighted that a new feature of the Tenso range has just become available: the Tenso P-10, for bonding fine materials over 12 mm thick. This innovation opens up even more possibilities for the company to design furniture supplied pre-bonded, such as small sets of shelves, door frames, bathroom furniture, sideboards and claddings. To round off the visit, the manager of the Gross workshop told us that "Lamello is an excellent partner, always an innovator, who we can count on to find quality solutions". The company is already looking forward to discovering future innovations from the wooden biscuit manufacturer. 

Tenso P-10: die schnelle und unsichtbare Lösung zum Verbinden dünner Materialien
Einrichtungswerkstätte Gross GmbH & Co. KG