Fust Schreinerei AG, Wil

Amazing efficiency and high utilisation levels, thanks to the P-System

From a one-man operation to a small company employing 58 staff in 20 years. Schreinerei Fust AG in Wil is all about a talent for invention and the courage to innovate. The company, which specialises in individually-made, customised furniture, and kitchen and interior fittings, adopted the P-System at an early stage and has successfully integrated the product range into its production process.

Markus Fust, a skilled cabinetmaker, started his carpentry company as a sole trader in 1997. The business now employs 58 staff; 19 of these are apprentices who are being trained on the state-of-the-art machinery. The company delivers quality and still focuses on traditional carpentry work such as doors and window frames, alongside the consultancy work and the planning, production and installation of bespoke furniture. Customers can take a close look and see and feel the quality of the products for themselves at the showroom, which is also located in Wil.

The preferred connector for all fitters

During a tour of the company, Markus Fust, company founder and Managing Director, explained the benefits of the P-System for his company. "The P-System saves us an enormous amount of time in production. Our fitters are big fans of Clamex and now they don't want to work with anything else." According to Mr Fust, other plus points include quality improvements in terms of robustness, ease of removal and aesthetics, as well as the fact that the risk of damage to the cabinet components is reduced when they are transported as a flat pack. The corner connectors for all cabinets produced at the carpentry company have now been replaced by the Clamex P-14. The Tenso P-14 is used as well as the Clamex P-14.

Impressive benefits in terms of time

At the joinery factory, we met the production manager, Christian Hinder, who told us more about the use of the Tenso gluing aid. Hinder found out about Tenso through a product sample that a Lamello sales representative sent him. The cabinet maker knew that the production process for the internal drawers was relatively time-consuming. Dowels and glue take a long time, which is why Hinder suggested using Tenso as an efficient alternative. Hinder explained: "The connector is quick to install, is invisible and there is no waiting time. It is also fixed in one pass, and no clamping force is needed." The time saved by switching from dowels to the Tenso P-14 is an impressive seven minutes.

The P-System saves us an enormous amount of time in production. Our fitters are big fans of Clamex and now they don't want to work with anything else.
Markus Fust, Managing Director

Efficiency thanks to a talent for invention

Another efficiency improvement was achieved by switching from CNC to the Zeta P2 manual machine. Where it took 45 seconds to prepare an internal drawer for the connector assembly prior to the changeover, this process is now completed within 20 seconds. The work is done in less than half the time! Christian Hinder developed a custom-made machine in order to achieve this improvement in speed. His special design has two, permanently installed Zeta P-2 manual machines that use pneumatic motors to carry out P-System milling at the touch of a button.

Moving forwards with Ecoleo

We soon met up with Tenso and Clamex again when we visited the showroom. The latest innovation from the furniture-maker from Wil is prominently displayed in the foyer. Ecoleo, a modular shelving system that can be remodelled at will. Customers can combine the shelves online, exactly how they want them, and then order them directly. Within 7 working days, the finished sideboard is delivered to their home, where it can easily be assembled. Uncomplicated and user-friendly! Tenso is used to join the internal drawers for the Ecoleo modules. This went without saying for Markus Fust, who claims to be a huge Lamello fan. "For me, Lamello stands for values such as a talent for invention, the ability to innovate, Swissness and quality. These are qualities that we can identify with and that we also stand for."

Schreinerei Fust AG, Wil