Schreinerei Büchi, Liestal

Perfect connections in confined spaces, also for kitchen fittings
Christop Büchi, Schreinerei Büchi, Liestal
Schreinerei Büchi AG in Liestal specialises in kitchen and interior fittings. During our company visit, Christoph Büchi, who runs the firm in its second generation along with his brother, divulged why he has always counted on Lamello products.

The master carpenters from Liestal and Lamello share a long history. Kurt Büchi, Christoph Büchi's father, is a childhood friend of Karl Steiner, who in turn is the long-standing managing director of Lamello and the son of the originator of Lamello, Hermann Steiner. The love of carpentry proved to be contagious early on and culminated when Kurt Büchi founded his own joinery in 1983.

Thirty-five years later, there are 20 employees, three of which are apprentices. All products are made according to customer requirements. Great importance is placed on a harmonious synergy between top quality surfaces and professional workmanship appropriate for the materials in kitchen and interior fittings.  

Lamello is the be-all and end-all for connecting fittings
Christoph Büchi

P-System: from manual machine to CNC

Büchi Schreinerei relies on Lamello joining elements for its choice pieces of carpentry. "Lamello is the be-all and end-all of connecting fittings," Christoph Büchi adds. Since 2013, the P-System has been in use in modern workshops. Initially, the workpieces were processed with the Zeta P2 manual machine, but the P-System has now been successfully integrated into the company's CNC machines, resulting in a further increase in efficiency. "From the very beginning we were impressed by how the Tenso P requires no additional aids for gluing. This proves to be particularly ideal with applications where no additional clamps can be fastened due to lack of space. Moreover, on-site assembly saves a massive amount of time," Büchi continues.



In addition to kitchen panels and angle joints, the P-System connectors are primarily used in furniture-making. Reception desks, amongst other things, are connected using the Clamex P directly on site. This significantly simplifies installation and disassembly of exhibition stands, for example.

CNC connectors for interior fittings

However, the P-System is not only used in production at Liestaler Schreinerei. We also saw the Cabineo in the workshop, the Lamello one-piece CNC connector. During a tour of the site shortly afterwards, we had the chance to examine cabinet assembly with the CNC connector. Büchi Schreinerei assembles the interior fitting for a chic physiotherapy studio in Basel. In the joinery, the Cabineo connectors are assembled into the workpiece and transported in flat packs to the site. The individual pieces are screwed together and Cabineo cover caps are placed on the connector for a clean finish.

According to Christoph Büchi, the Cabineo is, above all, a huge time-saver. Cutting and assembly are completed within seconds, which has a significant influence on the production chain. Furthermore, the Cabineo is perfectly suitable for applications involving confined space in recesses, an advantage that comes into play in kitchen manufacturing, for example. "The simplicity of the Lamello connector never fails to impress my team and I. We are excited about innovations yet to come."



Cabineo CNC Verbinder im Innenausbau
Schreinerei Büchi, Liestal