Samuel Rüegg Schreinerei GmbH

"Our employees enjoy working with the P-System"
Samuel Rüegg Schreinerei GmbH is an owner-managed family business. The company plans, designs and creates bespoke furniture for kitchens, interiors and shop fitting. For more than three years, the company has connected its workpieces with the Clamex P-14 connector, the standard connector from the innovative and successful P-System by Lamello. "The precision, the accuracy of fit and easy processing were key criteria,” says owner Samuel Rüegg summing up. 

In 1992, Samuel Rüegg founded a sole proprietorship; the company developed rapidly and successfully and was able to continuously expand its customer base. In 1999, the company relocated its workshop and office to Dällikon, and the sole proprietorship was transformed into a limited liability company (GmbH) in 2003. The company currently employs 17 staff including 2 apprentices. Customers benefit from a streamlined structure that allows for maximum flexibility and quick decision-making. In our interview, the owner assured us that they produce as much as possible in-house – one of the company’s strong points. The modern workshop has a modern machine park featuring a CNC milling machine, edge-bonding system and an in-house spraying and painting shop on a floor space of 700 m².

The company became aware of the P-System at the Interzum fair in Cologne in 2013. Since then, the P-system has become an integral part of the joinery, and as Mr. Rüegg adds: "Our employees enjoy working with the system; they appreciate the ease of processing and the accuracy of fit." Other benefits addressed in the conversation are the versatility, one connector for all angles, and the highly aesthetic solution. Customers require individual and exclusive pieces of furniture; and Lamello connecting elements fit the bill perfectly.

Profile groove milling was initially exclusively implemented on the Zeta P2, the electric tool for fast, positive fit anchorage of all P-system connecting fittings for wood joints. "Since the summer of 2016 we have also used the Homag, Weeke CNC machining centre for biscuit joining, thus benefiting from gains in efficiency for larger orders.” The machining process can be implemented in CAD planning and transferred directly from the computer to the machine. On our tour of the factory, we learned of a contract for UPC Cablecom. More than 2,500 units of Clamex P-14 will be installed for their shop fittings. And we were able to see this for ourselves in the bench shop. The connectors are easily inserted into the CNC-milled profile grooves by hand and without any tools. Thanks to the ability to stack the furniture components with the connectors in place, without any risk of damage during transport, on-site installation of bespoke pieces can properly be implemented quickly and with maximum time savings.

The workmanship and handling are excellent – Lamello has demonstrated its quality and reliability, properties crucial to our collaboration
Samuel Rüegg

Divario P-18, the perfect complement

The latest P-System connecting fitting, the Divario P-18, is already seeing frequent use. "We appreciated the invisibility and excellent stability right from the outset. The connector perfectly rounds off the P-System with the new function; we use it for pull-out shelves and sideboards in interior design,” as Samuel Rüegg explains. Clamping aids and adhesive are not required to insert the components. The connector can be fully or only partially fitted on site. "And the ability to remove the connectors is another benefit," as workshop manager Maco Filli adds in our conversation. At the end of the conversation with Mr. Samuel Rüegg we learned that the company will continue to opt for Lamello products in the future due to its positive experience. He also showed us a Lamello machine that is still working perfectly after 40 years. "The workmanship and handling are excellent – Lamello has demonstrated its quality and reliability, properties crucial to our collaboration", to quote Samuel Rüegg.

Samuel Rüegg Schreinerei GmbH