Carpentry Mario Beck

Saving time with the P-System
The Hamburg-based company, Mario Beck, specialises in the development and manufacture of custom-made and series production furniture – from exclusive individual pieces to complete shop furnishings. They mostly produce furniture, furniture pieces and CNC milling work for joineries, trade fair construction and shopfitting. The company considers the main advantages of the P-System to be its accuracy of fit, invisibility and stackability, in conjunction with its time-saving assembly. The P-System groove is cut using the CNC machine Weeke BHC 550 with Flex 5.

A new employee brought the Clamex P to the company's attention. The workforce was so impressed the first time they used the connector that they have used it successfully ever since for work pieces in interior fitting and shopfitting. Nils Ingwersen, process planning and site manager, has been with the company for over 25 years and, during a tour of the company's premises, he told us that new and regular customers approach him requesting the P-System connector for their production needs. "This is a clear sign that we will be using the fittings more often in the future," Ingwersen added.

„Saving time with the P-System“

The connecting fittings are inserted right into the P-System groove by hand in the bench room. In Hausmann's opinion, the P-System connectors offer many advantages. In particular he mentions that, despite the pre-intalled connectors, the work pieces can be stacked easily for transportation. During the conversation Nils Ingwersen added: 'Our dismantled furniture is either sent, delivered or picked up. It works out extremely well, thanks to the stackability of the fittings. Our customers are frequently enthusiastic about the rapid assembly when using the P-System. One customer recently called us at lunchtime to say that he could go home already because the installation only took half of a day instead of a whole day as he had planned!' 

Our customers are frequently enthusiastic about the rapid assembly when using the P-System
Nils Ingwersen, process planning and site manager

Divario P-18 – the powerful dividing panel connection

For quite a few months now, the latest P-System connecting fitting, the Divario P-18, has seen frequently use in dividing panel connections at the joinery. "The narrow connector can be used for shelves starting at just 19 mm and it has a clear advantage over other fittings," explained Nils Ingwersen during the tour of the company. Clamping aids and adhesive are not required to insert the components. The connector can be fitted fully or partially on site. "A practical connector that's even detachable," Nils Ingwersen added. The company depends on Lamello's P-System and is convinced of its many advantages and functionality. "We're looking forward to upcoming innovations from Lamello and are excited about continuing our collaboration," concluded Ingwersen at the end of the tour.

Carpentry Mario Beck