Family-run company, rekord-fenster+türen

Rapid and easy windows removal with the Tanga Delta
The family-run company, rekord-fenster+türen, based in Dägeling, has been synonymous with quality windows and front doors since its inception in 1919. Their windows and doors, made out of wood, wood aluminium and plastic, are made for their customers with outstanding craftsmanship and a careful attention to detail. The company uses the Tanga Delta to remove old windows in the restoration of older buildings and is full of enthusiasm for the product. They are impressed with its versatility of use and rapid and easy assembly. There is no need for replastering or repainting, thanks to the gentle removal process that keeps dust to a minimum.

Tanga Delta: versatility of use 

In the workshop we discovered that rekord-fenster+türen uses the Tanga Delta for various applications. Mostly for window removal, cutting free door sills for the removal of front doors, recutting floor screed (e.g. floor level or sliding elements). They also use the machine as an 'angle grinder with extraction' tool. rekord-fenster+türen uses the standard diamond cutting disc for plaster, brick and tiles. In addition, they use a Lamello saw blade that is screw and nail resistant and boasts top cutting performance.

Rapid and easy windows removal

Sven Hennings told us that just last week a customer on the assembly site pointed out how rapid the Tanga Delta performed in replacing his windows. The customer emphasised that no dust had formed. "The most important thing to us are satisfied customers." "We are continuously acquiring new customers by word-of-mouth and that's invaluable to us," he added. As for the quality of the Tanga Delta, he told us that it works perfectly. If there is a problem, they feel well taken care of by the competent Lamello team, who start working on a solution very quickly. The fitters brought special attention to the longevity and durability of the original cutting discs. "We can't even imagine window removal without the Tanga Delta anymore," summarises Sven Hennings.

We can't even imagine window removal without the Tanga Delta anymore
Sven Hennings, responsible for assembly services
Family-run company, rekord-fenster+türen

rekord-fenster+türen, a tradition-rich company, employs 240 people, including 20 apprentices. The company is run by Jochen Kitzmann and his son, Robert Kitzmann. All orders are tailor-made to meet all customer expectations. With excellent design, modern technology and forward-looking thermal insulation and element protection. The company uses the Tanga Delta S2, the powerful cutter equipped with a 1,600 W motor, for efficient removal of old window frames by cutting into the window reveal. Each of the 14 assembly teams use their own cutter. "This has not always been the case," explains Sven Hennings, who is responsible for assembly services. "We have continuously increased our stock over the years because of the outstanding advantages the system has to offer."