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Lamello window cutters are an indispensable tool in window removal
With the Tanga DX200, Lamello succeeded in taking window removal another developmental step forward last year. The window cutter combines the advantages of its predecessor models and complements these with small but effective adaptations.

Keeping up with developments: Innovations aside, the Tanga DX200 is impressive with its familiar range of high-quality features, such as its smooth-running column guide, which play a decisive role in the product's operating safety and long service lifetime. "As far as I'm concerned, the Tanga DX200 is the best product on the market," Florian Künzli tells us. The Chief Fitter feels the window cutter's only potential competitors are its predecessor models. "It is our aim to constantly develop the product further, even in the absence of acute market pressure," Dominic Wahl explains. After all, this is the only way to adapt machines to new constructions and keep step with developments in the window industry. And Mr Künzli experiences this development first-hand every day. "I wouldn't like to be removing the windows that we are installing today in 30 years' time," he says. This is reason enough for Lamello to stay on the ball, so that it can continue to offer window installers adequate window removal solutions 30 years from now. 

There's no other product in window removal that even comes close to competing with these machines
Florian Künzli, Chief Fitter at Breitenstein Fenstertechnik AG

A window with a view into the future

Lamello window cutters are used on a daily basis at Breitenstein Fenstertechnik AG, where they are highly valued for their practicality and long service life. Florian Künzli carefully applies the Tanga DX200 to the window soffit, inserts the saw blade into the wooden frame, and draws the machine from the top of the frame to the bottom in a smooth motion. The Chief Fitter at Breitenstein Fenstertechnik AG, which is based in Diepflingen in Basel-Land, has been well aware of the advantages of Lamello's latest model of window cutter since its trial stage. "We involve specialist craftsmen in the development of our products as early as possible, in order to ensure that we can meet their needs," Dominic Wahl explains. For Lamello's Customer Adviser, it is obvious that a machine that needs to work in practice has to be tested under real conditions – a concept that has proven effective for decades. 

Further development and optimisation of the Tanga DX200

The innovative Swiss company launched the first window cutter model on the market as early as 1981. Since then, the machine has been continuously developed and adapted to meet the growing number of challenges that window removal presents. The Tanga DX200 boasts the following improvements over its predecessors:
• Machine weight reduced by 900 grammes: from 5.4 to 4.5 kilogrammes
• Improved motor performance at 1,700 W
• Cutting depth improved to 70 millimetres
• Quick-release arbour for rapid tool change
• Improved ergonomics for the machine body and grip
• Simplified base plate change using ball plungers
The Tanga DX200 offers two optional accessories (height adjustment and rabbet stop) for adjusting the cutting height.  

Interview with Breitenstein Fenstertechnik AG

For Florian Künzli, Chief Fitter at Breitenstein Fenstertechnik AG, which is based in Diepflingen, Basel-Land, Lamello window cutters are an indispensable tool in window removal.

Florian, why are Lamello window cutters such an essential part of your work?
FLORIAN KÜNZLI: It's quite simple: there's no other product in window removal that even comes close to competing with these machines. We have always worked with Lamello window cutters, and they've really proven themselves over the years.
What new developments in the Tanga DX200 give it the biggest advantage from your point of view? The reduced weight. This is a huge relief when it comes to overhead work in particular. In a single sweep, it lets you make a cut that previously would have meant having to keep readjusting the ladder.
What do you value most about Lamello AG? In addition to their products, it would have to be their way of working with you, which is uncomplicated and yet very professional, and their high reliability. Our values as a company are similar to Lamello's. We both set very high quality standards for our products and are always working to improve them. This similarity has given rise to a valuable partnership between us. 

Source: Article realised in cooperation with the SchreinerZeitung 

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