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With Lamello it fits right away
Lamello Cabineo black CNC-Verbinder
Last year, Lamello responded to the trend towards dark materials for interior fitting with the Cabineo black. This popular colour was simultaneously introduced with new cover caps and is a practical addition to the Cabineo product range. In the meantime the first projects have now been completed and this has prompted us to ask our customers about their experiences during the manufacturing process.
A one-piece connector, without additional fittings is ideal for our production process
Markus Neuenschwander, Project Manager Schreinerei Roth AG

Trubschachen in Emmental: In addition to the much loved "Bretzeli biscuits" from Kambly, it is also renowned for Swiss carpentry of the highest quality. This is what Schreinerei Roth AG has been synonymous with for over 60 years. The joinery, in its third generation, managed by Michael Roth, places customised solutions and sustainable production chains before cheap mass-produced products and rapidity of change. Values that Lamello embraces and actively lives. Focusing mainly on private interior fitting, the 13-man joinery handles orders in the area of kitchen manufacturing, cabinet construction and bathroom furniture Small door series are also occasionally produced.

In addition to Michael Roth, master carpenter and managing director since 2009, the team also includes Markus Neuenschwander, qualified foreman and project manager of the joinery. 

From the original biscuit to the Cabineo black  

Cabineo black also plays an important role in the mentioned reception counter. However, here it does so in connection with the original biscuit and P-System connector Clamex P. The advantages are revealed during the transport and assembly process. The workpieces are prepared in the joinery and delivered as flatpacks to the site, where they only have to be assembled and connected by the fitters. 

"We use all connectors of the P-System family, however mainly the Clamex," explains Michael Roth. Reliable tensile force and practical disassembly are the main advantages that make Clamex an indispensable part of the joinery's connector range. P-System milling takes place on the CNC machine, however mainly using the Zeta P2 biscuit joiner. 

This manual machine is also used for milling the grooves for the original biscuit: "I am astounded time and again how this simple biscuit is still so popular after all these years," says Roth and adds: "For me, the name Lamello stands for Swiss innovativeness and the highest quality. Product series are consistently continued and improved through meaningful additions to meet customer requirements." 

Time-saving thanks to the Cabineo nesting process

"Cabineo is perfect for our production process," says Roth when asked why the joinery decided for a one-piece CNC connector. The joinery uses its own SCM Tech Z5 with nesting technology. The panels are formatted directly on the CNC machine and rows of holes, holes for concealed hinges as well as holes for base plates and Cabineo are made directly in the same step. A considerable time saving!

More and more companies, also in Europe, recognise this time-saving advantage and are converting their production processes accordingly. Cabineo is a reliable and ideal partner, as also confirmed by Michael Roth and Markus Neuenschwander. "We requested the free Cabineo starter pack and carried out our initial tests. The machining times on the CNC as well as the assembly times directly on site were very positive," says Roth. "A one-piece connector, without additional fittings, which reduces the number of working steps is ideal for our production process," adds Project Manager Neuenschwander.

Cabineo black in modern open-plan offices

Following an interesting tour of the company, we are taken to the site of the new office premises of Jakob AG. With the construction of the new building, the wire rope system supplier is doubling the size of its head office in Trubschachen. This is where the master carpenters at Roth AG are working on one of their biggest projects to date. The built-in cabinets in all offices as well as a smart counter, which runs through the state-of-the-art open-plan office, are produced by Roth AG. For the corner joints of the modern black office cabinets, only Cabineo black connectors were used.

For a purely aesthetic look, it was decided to mill Cabineo flush with the cover cap. In this way, the connector blends in harmoniously with the workpiece. 

"For this exciting project, we have fitted about 2,000 Cabineo black and just as many cover caps", says Markus Neuenschwander, who as project manager is in charge of the site of Jakob AG. 

Lamello Cabineo black CNC-connector
Roth Schreinerei, Trubschachen