Carpentry Bernd Ahlers

P-System: Integration into your CNC production
P-System: Integration in Ihre CNC-Fertigung
The Lamello P-System was presented to the carpentry firm Bernd Ahlers, which specialises in furniture production, in June 2015. The extensive and flexible system met with a very warm welcome, and Bernd Ahlers immediately purchased a Zeta P2 for P-System elements. Since then the P-System has become an indispensable part of their operations. No furniture is made without P-System connectors.

The desire for a CNC machine based on nesting technology had been there for a relatively long time, and when Lamello launched the Cabineo connector last year, it tipped the scales for a purchase decision.

Of course, they also wanted to be able to handle Clamex P-14 and Tenso P-14 on the CNC machine. The chosen suppliers were two partners in the Lamello CNC network: Format 4 for the CNC machine and CAD+T for the CAD/CAM software. They also purchased aggregates for machining mitre joints, so that in future cupboards with tilted tops could also be made on the CNC machine. With the purchase of the Format 4 P-System option, Mr Ahlers could make use of the connector voucher for 380 pairs, sponsored by Lamello. 

The P-System with its many connector types, time-saving installation, flexible angles and perfect appearance has won the praise of many customers in recent years. The idea of integrating the P-System into your own CNC production is only natural.

Direct transfer from CAD to the CNC machine was crucial for us.
Managing Director Bernd Ahlers

Digital networking, process speed and repeatability with series manufac- turing are clear advantages of CNC production. With the addition of CNC machining capability, the P-System is even more attractive. Depending on utilisation, series volume or complexity, machining can be performed either manually with the Zeta P2 or on the CNC machine.

Advantages of CNC production

  • End-to-end networking
    from CAD system to CNC machine
  • Higher process speed
  • Lower scheduling effort
  • Time savings with series

P-System: Integration into your CNC production
Carpentry Bernd Ahlers