NILO Schreinerei Küchenbau AG, Wettingen

Cabineo: Impressive benefits
From exclusive individual pieces to large production orders: NILO Schreinerei Küchenbau AG in Wettingen specialises in the development and manufacture of custom-made and series production furniture. The company now uses the new Cabineo with high clamping force from Lamello AG to connect all their cabinets.

NILO AG in Wettingen has a long history. Founded in 1906 by Josef Berz, the company was acquired by Nik Meier in 1982. Currently the company has a workforce of 23, and specialises in interior fitting, fitted kitchens and door production. NILO AG is known for its passion for passion for cabinet making, combined with the latest technology. The firm has been working with the new Cabineo cabinet connector since 2017, after bench cabinet maker Roger Jakob came across the innovation in an industry magazine and went on to request a free information pack at The product sample and flyer that he received convinced both him and production manager Matthias Munk. Munk, who served his apprenticeship with the company, explains that, “the decision to comprehensively test the new product was a very quick one.” The results convinced everyone involved in the production process, and since then they have used Cabineo for con - necting all the cabinets they produce. In addressing why they decided to change over to Cabineo, Munk smiles and says: “There are several reasons: the stackability – i.e. flat-pack delivery with preassembled connectors – the ease of assembly and time savings, getting rid of the need to open bags of hardware, and the high clamping force.”

Since the changeover to Cabineo, we have benefited by being able to assemble on-site and we are really happy with the time we save
Matthias Munk, production manager

Quick and easy assembly

One current order in Wettingen involves the production of more than 160 cupboards. The first step is to cut panels to size on the horizontal panel saw. The workpieces are then formated and machined on one of the CNC machines available in the workshop. This example shows the Homag BMG 511 in use. A 15 mm drill is used to make the three holes for the connector. The series hole drill can also make the 5mm hole for the Cabineo – no change of tool is required. The Cabineo can then be very quickly inserted, by simply tapping it into the hole. The company uses the Cabineo 12 for corner connections, and the Cabineo 8 for dividing panels.

Cabineo saves time

During our discussion, Munk tells us that before they changed over, cabinets were delivered fully assembled. “Since the changeover to Cabineo, we have benefited by being able to assemble on-site and we are really happy with the time we save.” Fitter Walter Rudolf confirmed that assembling the cupboard with Cabineo is much quicker and easier than with the cam. He goes on to say: “The protruding screw means we can precisely align the machined furniture parts, and connecting them just needs a cordless drill.” If the connector needs to be invisible – which is standard at NILO AG – cover caps are used. These can be fitted onto Cabineo in seconds, and Lamello AG offers them in various colours. Since introducing Cabineo, NILO AG has already used 2,500 connectors and is absolutely won over by the product. “We have been using Lamello system solu - tions for some years, and are pleased to have such an innovative partner at our side,” Munk tells us at the end of the tour. 

Nilo Schreinerei Küchenbau AG, Wettingen