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"P-System: a big win for our customers"
Austrian-based furniture parts producer Speedmaster GmbH has been putting its trust in Lamello's Clamex P furniture connector since 2017 and is now also adding the Tenso P-10 gluing aid to its range. The experts at Speedmaster are confident that the latest P-System fitting will generate yet more added value for their customers.

With its headquarters in the Austrian municipality of Eberstalzell, Speedmaster's roots lie firmly in classical joinery tradition. The company today is a state-of-the art producer of furniture parts. Throughout its history, the needs of its customers have always been a central concern – together with the conviction that demand for furniture parts is only set to grow. Since 2001, Speedmaster has been supplying more than 17,000 joineries in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and South Tyrol under the motto "furniture parts in 48 hours". From tabletops to fitted kitchens, it has a comprehensive range – and with around 600 orders processed every day, the company places a great deal of emphasis on customer service. "We do our best to meet all individual customer needs – even for the smallest orders", Speedmaster Managing Director Günther Schweiger explains. For Speedmaster, which today has 260 employees, this company philosophy has proven extremely successful.

The Clamex P connector from Lamello has been a key component of Speedmaster's range for two years. "This detachable furniture connector has had us excited ever since it was first launched. Following a trial period, we were convinced that this fitting would provide our customers with additional benefit", Schweiger says. As far as the Managing Director is concerned, its key advantage for the customer lies in the assembly time that it saves. This is because the fitting is installed without the use of tools, making furniture assembly even faster and more straightforward. In contrast with other, conventional cupboard connectors, Clamex P allows the job to be completed in a matter of seconds, with no waiting times, use of clamps, or post-processing work required. 

For us, the P System is the most innovative connector solution to have emerged in recent years.
Günther Schweiger, Speedmaster Managing Director 

"The P-System – in my book, a stroke of genius" 

If the joiner opts for the Clamex P when placing their order in the company's Online Shop, the furniture parts are produced with all of the necessary adaptations at Speedmaster's state-of-the-art machine park. The required P-System groove is cut into the surface of each part using a nesting machine. Processing of the front face of parts is carried out using the BHX 200 series processing centre from Homag. Following processing, the furniture parts are packaged to order with the connectors and delivered to the customer within the agreed delivery period. As far as Günther Schweiger is concerned, the decision to introduce the P-System connector has paid off: "We were surprised and delighted that our customers are just as impressed as we are with this innovative system solution. In my book, it's a stroke of genius!"

Tenso P-10: A gluing aid that delivers maximum customer benefit

Speedmaster has also made Lamello's newest innovation part of its range: the self-clamping Tenso P-10, a gluing aid launched in January. The fitting will be available to select as an option in Speedmaster's Online Shop. Günther Schweiger explains what led Speedmaster to choose this system: "We tested a wide variety of alternatives for our applications. In the Tenso, we have found a product that, thanks to its high clamping force, offers outstanding stability and with it maximum customer benefit." The Tenso P-10 is particularly well-suited for use in the assembly of drawers and cabinets. "For us, the P System is the most innovative connector solution to have emerged in recent years. It represents a big win both for our customers and for us", Günther Schweiger explains.

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