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"The P-System: a considerable time saver"
Cuisines Lovey is a family business founded in 1986 by Philippe Lovey and located in Orsières in the canton of Valais. Trained as a cabinetmaker, Philippe also specialises in kitchen, furniture, and interior design. He has made it his aim to serve as a hallmark of quality workmanship and flawless finishes, and places the very same expectations on the products that he uses. That's why he's been using the P-System from Lamello for a number of years.

Philippe Lovey is an avid user of Lamello systems, and has been since the beginnings of his career. When we ask him why he uses the P-System, he answers without hesitation that "It's a joining system that's very easy to use and a considerable time saver". Philippe, a devotee who is always looking for innovative solutions that allow him to offer his customers the best possible service, goes on to add: "I've been won over by the P-System since it was launched - it offers a lot more joining options and numerous solutions". When he discovered the P-System at a specialist exhibition in Switzerland in the 2010s, he was immediately impressed by the flexibility, speed, and simplicity that it brings to the design, production, transportation, and installation processes. For this perfectionist, Lamello's form-locking anchorage principle and its Tenso P, Clamex P, and Divario connectors represent the perfect assembly solution.

The P-System offers a lot more joining options and numerous solutions
Philippe Lovey, Managing Director Cuisines Lovey

Tenso P: the solution that's fast, easy, and invisible 

Phillipe Lovey loves to take on new challenges: the beginning of this year saw him working on a large interior fitting project for a nursery school in the Commune of Orsières in Valais. He went on to deliver the project in record time, using the P-System to complete all of the assembly work. A total of between 800 and 1000 Tenso P-14 connectors were used for all of the machined pieces (including wardrobes, shelve units, and drawers) installed. The Tenso P self-clamping connector enables extremely rapid gluing by simple workpiece assembly. Its clamping force and complete invisibility meant that it was the principal connector used in this project. What's more, with Philippe Lovey working on the project alone, it was thanks to the ease of assembly that Tenso P offers that he was able to work quickly and to a high standard. "Gluing the panels takes less than 10 seconds," he explains - and that's without any additional tools or clamps. 

Two machining options for the same joining system 

In the early days of the P-System, Philippe Lovey invested in a Zeta P-2 power tool, before also purchasing a Brema Eko 2.1 vertical CNC machine two years ago from Lamello's CNC partner BIESSE which he has used to integrate the P-System with an aggregate. The panels are handled by a fully automated gripper, ensuring extreme precision. The machining is carried out using CAO/FAO 3D bSolid software - a cutting-edge solution which is both accessible and intuitive. According to the materials that he's machining and their thickness, Philippe is able to use either the manual Zeta P-2 power tool or the CNC machine. Each of these two alternatives offers him precision workmanship and the option of using P-System connectors.

In addition to Lamello's products, Philippe Lovey is also highly appreciative of the responsiveness and helpfulness of Lamello's customer support and sales representatives. "I've even called at the end of the day to request a product and received it the very next day!" he tells us. The solutions offered both by Lamello's products and by the Lamello team never fail to impress Philippe, and that's why he also regularly recommends Lamello to his fellow colleagues. 



Cuisines Lovey
Cuisines Lovey