Enhancing Heritage With Lamello

„Lamello is giving value to our customers with quality and efficiency. What more could you ask for?“
Artichoke Zeta P2 in test
Artichoke's pursuit of enhanced quality and improved efficiency has led it to the door of Swiss fixings specialist, Lamello.

We specialise in the design and build of super high-end furniture for large period homes. It’s our job to add value to architecture and create bespoke pieces that not only stand the test of time but are seen as part of the property’s heritage. To achieve this, we have to work with the very best consumables on the market and continue to push the boundaries of design.

This clear vision has led the Somerset-based business to invest heavily in its production facilities, whilst its pursuit of products designed to enhance quality and improve efficiency has led it to the door of Swiss fixings specialist, Lamello. Following a detailed demonstration of Lamello’s Zeta profile biscuit jointer by one of Lamello’s UK distributor’s, Axminster Tools, John and his team were given six weeks to put the jointer and a selection of connectors though their paces.

Our company is about keeping traditional skills alive and embracing new technology

John Hampton, Production Manager

Zeta P2 in test

“It was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse,” admits John, who looked thrilled with the idea of his team putting the Zeta P2 to work. “When you’re faced with an experienced team of cabinet makers, having a tool that can be put to the test and still come out winning is no mean feat. We initially used it on a couple of smaller projects to get an understanding of its capabilities and to see if it was a good fit for our company. It got the green light within hours of the team getting their hands on it.

“Our industry is very traditional and many of the techniques we use today have remained unchanged for centuries. My team take great pride in these mastered skills and are sticklers for detail and quality. This has made them shy away from modern methods more than once, and rightly so, but the Zeta had a very different response. They saw the potential straight away and it’s been in constant use ever since.”

Before the introduction of the Zeta, Artichoke’s cabinet makers would join frames onto carcasses using traditional cams and pins. “To avoid disruption on-site and to be certain of the quality of each piece of furniture, we like to transport our furniture as complete as possible and put a small parts kit together in order for the installation team to complete the job. The downside to using cams and pins in this is way is that you can’t insert the pins into the back of face frames before they leave the assembly area in case they damage the item. They are also notorious for coming out of the frames during the build. Lamello’s Clamex offered us the perfect alternative for this application.

“As well as being designed as a strong, temporary fixing, which has helped us reduce assembly time, they also have a low profile that reduces the risk of damage when being transported to their new home. Its clamping system also gives us the option to temporarily or permanently fix the face frames to work around the different stages of each build. Plus, we have the added flexibility of being able to swap Lamello’s consumables to best suit the application we’re working on. These decisions can be made during the installation process which, when working only on bespoke projects, helps us solve unforeseen complications that may arise on site.”

Artichoke Customer reports Lamello
Artichoke Customer reports Lamello