Clamex P-14 Flexus

Flexibility is a virtue
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"The South Tyrolean master joiners at bespoke joinery workshop Kofler create sophisticated and high-quality interior fittings with the utmost precision. Every day, more than 66 years of handed-down expertise and experience are channelled into consultation, planning and production. The company, which operates internationally, stepped up to test the new P-System connector, the Clamex P-14 Flexus. The unrivalled flexibility of the connector proved a compelling part of the experience. Hannes Kofler responded to our questions. "

Father Albert Kofler runs the family business together with his two sons, Daniel and Hannes. Founded by their grandfather Heinrich Kofler in 1954, the company specialises in interior fittings, shopfitting and joining wood, metal, glass and textiles. Trained joiner Hannes Kofler characterises his business as a solution-oriented joinery workshop that can quickly address customer needs.

Maximum flexibility with the Clamex P-14 Flexus

One set of customer needs concerned a display case that had to meet specific requirements. What was special about this order was a request for the base of the display case to be able to be subsequently attached and detached, allowing it to be transported as a flat pack. However, for security reasons the base was only to be detachable from the inside. "We previously lacked the right fitting for this application. The Clamex P-14 Flexus solved this problem. The connector came exactly at the right time, and has filled this gap very much to our satisfaction," Hannes Kofler explains. 

The new Clamex P-14 Flexus is a detachable connector based on the P-System anchorage, and therefore offers all the advantages of the P-System. A new feature of the Clamex P-14 Flexus are its flexible positioning pins. Thanks to this innovation, the connector has no protruding rigid elements. The flexible positioning pins allow the subsequent fitting of workpieces to existing elements, thereby simplifying the assembly sequence considerably.

Hannes Kofler sees the subsequent installation of workpieces as a key advantage of the Clamex P-14 Flexus: "In the specific case of the display case, the flexible positioning pins enable us to insert the base into the frame easily, without leaving scratches on the other workpieces. 

What's more, the base can be fixed in place from above, meaning it is securely sealed since there is no access to the drill holes," Kofler adds. Thanks to the outstanding clamping force that distinguishes all P-System connectors, the base of the display case is prevented from sagging. The new member of the P-System family also excels with its user-friendliness during assembly.

"What makes the Clamex P-14 Flexus so interesting to us is that it doesn't compromise in terms of flexibility, giving the joiner enormous freedom in furniture construction."

We previously lacked the right fitting for this application. The Clamex P-14 Flexus solved this problem. The connector came exactly at the right time, and has filled this gap very much to our satisfaction.
Hannes Kofler, Owner and Managing Director

A Lamello fan via the Tenso gluing aid

Kofler has been using P-System connectors since 2015. A presentation by a Lamello field sales representative left the South Tyrolean master joiners inspired by Lamello's innovative product range. Since then, the connectors of the P-System range have firmly established themselves in the Koflers' business. The Tenso P gluing aid has been especially well received: "Tenso is optimal for our production process. The time we are able to save thanks to this connector is considerable. This time efficiency and a lack of need for clamps make Tenso the ideal product for us," Hannes Kofler explains. 

Tenso is primarily used for carcasses, cover strips and walk-in closets. At the well-equipped enterprise, P-System grooves are milled using two 5-axis CNC machines: a Morbidelli Author X5 55 EVO and Morbidelli M200 by SCM. On construction sites and for in-situ assembly, the Lamello Zeta P2, the profile biscuit joiner for the P-System, is also used. 

"The Flexus is a logical addition to the P-System range. We are always inspired anew by how reliably Lamello tailors its products to customer needs, and are happy to be part of the Lamello family."

Joinery workshop Kofler Lamello customer report
Subsequent installation of the cabinet base in the existing frame.
Joinery workshop Kofler Lamello customer report