Masterwood & Lamello - Forging Relationships

Innovative wood joining solutions
Masterwood Lamello Kundenbericht
For over seven years, leading machinery manufacturer, Masterwood and Swiss fixings specialist Lamello have been working together to create simple and effective CNC machining processes that work intrinsically with the award-winning P-System. Now, following the opening of a brand-new machinery showroom in Gatwick, Masterwood GB is following in the footsteps of its European counterparts as it embarks on a partnership with the innovative wood joining solutions manufacturer. 

The association has seen Masterwood develop a unique offer that has been designed to simplify manufacturing process, reduce production time and increase productivity across its CNC range. Dave explains, “When you buy a Masterwood machine, there are no third parties to contend with. We make our own machines and we develop our own software, MasterWorks. Every step is tailored to meet our customer’s requirements.

“The relationship between Masterwood and Lamello in Europe has been a longstanding one,” begins Dave Kennard, MD of Masterwood GB. “As a machinery manufacturer, we like do work with brands that represent quality and offer a value-added service. Lamello does exactly this and as such, the relationship continues to grow and diversify.”  

“Our software is exclusive to us and because of this, we’re in the best position possible to team up with companies like Lamello to enhance our offer. By working together, we’ve been able to develop two Lamello software packages for three and five-axis machining, both of which can be easily integrated into our CNC software. They can even be added to existing machines if our customers wish to use Lamello’s P-System in their production at a later date.”

Masterwood offers three Lamello-compatible CNC ranges. The Project TF100-2 CNC drilling machine allows the Lamello jointing systems to be used on panel faces and edges, whilst the MW Flat-Bed (nesting) and Project Pod & Rail models offer three, four and five-axis machining for simple, fast and precise cutting, routing and insertion of the P-system on both the surface and edge. “We offer a complete solution,” says Dave. “Not only can customers choose between three versatile CNC machines, designed to withstand a wide range of panel processing requirements, we also supply the P-System tools that create the necessary profile grooves and the aggregates needed to cut into the surface. To hit the ground running, we also give our customers a voucher for 300 free Clamex-P connectors and 80 free self-clamping Tenso-P fixings that can be claimed from Lamello.  

Masterwood Lamello Kundenbericht

Lamello’s fixings fit the bill perfectly 

“As a machinery manufacturer, we are dedicated to innovation and we listen to our customers. That’s why we are heavily invested in Lamello and its efficient approach to joining panels. It’s our job to develop new technology that reflects market trends. As the industry looks to embrace industry 4.0 standards, increase production and reduce labour costs, partnerships such as these are essential. For us, it’s already sparked interest, especially from bespoke furniture makers and furniture manufacturers who need to be able to dismantle, rebuild and extend items on site without losing strength. Lamello’s fixings fit the bill perfectly and after seeing it in action in our showroom, customers immediately see the time-saving benefits and processing possibilities on offer. It not only highlights the capabilities of our machines, it showcases the abilities of the connectors too.”

Shaye Chatfield, Lamello Area Sales Manager International for the UK and Ireland, adds, “The Masterwood-Lamello relationship has been a significant partnership in Europe for many years. We’re thrilled to see this relationship extended to the UK. With demonstrations now available in Masterwood’s new UK showroom, it’s never been easier for customers to see exactly how Masterwood’s three, four and five-axis CNC range, software and connectors facilitate a simple, fast, strong drilling and insertion process. Here’s to a fantastic relationship!” 

As a machinery manufacturer, we like do work with brands that represent quality and offer a value-added service.
Dave Kennard, MD of Masterwood
  • Project TF100-2: A dedicated CNC drilling machine with the options to have a router and tool changer which, in turn, allows the Lamello jointing systems to be used on panel faces and edges.

  • MW Flat-Bed: Three levels of flat-bed CNC machines that can be built to suit customer’s requirements with vertical & horizontal drilling heads, vertical router and automatic tool changers.  

  • Project Pod & Rail: A full range of pod & rail bed CNC machines are available in either cantilever or gantry versions and bed lengths of 3200mm, 5200mm and 6500mm available.

  • Software: All Masterwood CNC machines are supplied with Masterwood’s own MasterWorks Cad/Cam software, which has the option of adding in Lamello macros to allow quick and easy programming for the various jointing systems on 3, 4, and 5 axis machines.  
Masterwood Lamello Kundenbericht