Froideveaux Carpentry

Flexibility and tradition
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Carpentry company Froidevaux in Laufental looks back on a long tradition. Founded in 1907, the company describes itself as one of the established carpentry companies specializing in bathroom furniture Switzerland-wide. Indeed, the products manufactured by the company, which is based in the municipality of Zwingen, feature among the ranges of almost all plumbing supplies wholesalers throughout the country. 

Since 2014, an increasing number of interior finishing projects have also been implemented as part of the company's project-based business. This area has since been continuously expanded, and offers customers an even more comprehensive range from a single source. This means that flexible, bespoke interior design solutions for business customers are just as much part of the product range as smaller orders for private customers. "Flexibility is of utmost importance for us," says Martin Jessat, the company's production manager. "This flexibility is also offered by Lamello's connection systems, which is why they are indispensable in our operations."

Versatility for success

This drive for flexibility is implemented in a targeted manner in the company. "Nowadays, the customer has an immense choice of materials available in different versions," Jessat continues. "This presents carpenters with the challenge of efficient implementation. This challenge is intensified by complex angles, which also place demands on know-how and the connecting elements used." Regarding the Lamello P-System Tenso connector, the production manager adds: "The great advantage of the Tenso gluing aid is its high clamping force. This allows us to connect tricky materials without screw clamps, presses or other aids, which is particularly beneficial for bathroom furniture," Jessat explains. Tenso is mainly used for custom-made products that are connected using mitre joints. In addition to the P-System connectors, the classic, original wooden biscuit is also used in the production of bathroom furniture. The tried-and-tested Classic X biscuit joiner is mainly used for milling. "We use the Classic X on a daily basis and it's indispensable," Jessat concludes. 

An integral part of Froidevaux's production

From single pieces to large orders

In addition to the production of smaller furniture, interior finishing in the property business is an important business sector. For instance, the company specialises in made-to-measure kitchens, wardrobes and cloakrooms. "The Lamello Cabineo and Clamex P connectors are primarily used in property construction," explains Herbert Güntert, project manager for interior fittings and furniture construction. For these two connectors, all milling is carried out on the company's own Biesse Rover B 5-axis CNC machine. Planning is carried out on Imos CAD software. "The Clamex connectors prove themselves as the ideal choice for assembly in particular. We install the connectors in the workshop, transport the flat-pack workpieces to the construction site and assemble the furniture on site. This brings us an enormous increase in efficiency," Güntert comments. Recently, the cloakrooms of a Basel administration building were equipped with cabinets from the Laufental-based carpentry company. 40-mm-thick oak veneered clamping plates were used on the approximately 7-metre-long wardrobe cabinets. "For workpieces with dimensions of this kind and a corresponding weight, Clamex P proved to be the only practical connector for us in terms of assembly. It's ideal for large parts that need to fit perfectly on site and impress with their aesthetics," Güntert says in explanation of the P-System connectors chosen. 

The Clamex connectors prove themselves as ideal choice. We install the connectors in the workshop, transport the flat-pack workpieces to the construction site and assemble the furniture on site. This increases our efficiancy enormously!
Herbert Güntert, project manager

Meeting future challenges with flexibility

In the future, cross-company digitalisation will be on the agenda in particular for innovative operations. The first step in this direction is the use of a common ERP solution for all business divisions. Consistent production being is driven forward in this way, with the aim of a corresponding increase in efficiency. "We always strive to keep our production at the cutting edge of technology. Among other things, this means that the fittings used also have to meet these requirements. We prefer to use neat joining solutions that also meet the high aesthetic demands of our customers," says Güntert. "Thanks to the flexibility offered by Lamello connectors, they are the ideal choice for us and will continue to play an important role in our business in the future."

The prepared workpieces are delivered to the construction site as flat packs and assembled on site.