Adolf Kuhlmann furnishing workshops

The company places great emphasis on innovation
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The Adolf Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG furnishing workshops have been among the largest manufacturers of property furnishings in Germany for many years. The longstanding family-owned company places great emphasis on innovation. High-quality and exclusive furniture is produced for private and business customers using state-ofthe- art machines. Since 2018, the furnishing professionals have also been placing their trust in the innovative P-System with Clamex fittings.

Based in Schwerin, Germany, the company has been active on the market for over a hundred years and today employs 22 people. It can look back on a very extensive and sometimes very eventful past: "Even without the coronavirus, there have been challenging times in previous years," explains Managing Director Andreas Kuhlmann. Andreas has been a passionate carpenter and with the company since his apprenticeship.

Lamello fittings have had a firm place

Right at the beginning of the conversation, he tells us that Lamello fittings have had a firm place in the furniture workshops for years. "They are an asset to our work because they expand our possibilities." Kuhlmann underlines his statement with a clear example: For a major interior furnishing order from the hotel industry, the company closely examined all mitre connectors available on the market – including the wellknown Clamex connectors. "We knew that we would mitre thousands of parts, and the Clamex is simply the best connector on the market for this. Stability, time savings in production, quality and easy installation justify the slightly higher price," Kuhlmann explains. Thanks to its invisible anchoring, any cabinet body connected with Clamex simply looks better and higher- quality. "This is clearly in line with our philosophy. We want to deliver every job in perfect quality and within the desired time frame."

Clamex P-14 CNC Detachable furniture connector with precise alignment

Lamello is an asset to us because it allows us to expand our possibilities.
Andreas Kuhlmann, Managing Director

Production without Clamex connectors is currently not an option

The northern German company strives for efficiency in production. It invests a great deal in innovation and digital production. More than 20,000 Clamex connectors are milled every year using modern machinery, with five machining centres from HOLZ-HER – from nesting to the simultaneous 5-axis CNC. For this purpose, the machining centres have been equipped with the company's own macro. The newly acquired Nexteq 7735 should also include the P-System component. "Production without Clamex connectors is currently not an option," the Managing Director says with a smile. The CAD/CAM program from IMOS is transferred to the Schwerin furnishing workshops via NC-HOPS software. During the interview, we also learned that the Clamex P-14 CNC connector, which was released in January 2020, has become the new standard connector: "We were convinced by its precision of fit, thanks to its more exact alignment," says Kuhlmann. 

The other P-System connectors are also used at the carpentry company. An example is the new Clamex P-14 Flexus. Thanks to its flexible positioning pins, there is no risk of rigid protruding elements with this product. This innovation makes it possible to retrofit workpieces into existing elements. "If the assembly sequence changes at short notice, we make use of this connector," notes Andreas Kuhlmann, adding: "It's a great fitting."