Rieder Zillertal

"P-System. Brilliantly simple"
Construction company Rieder Zillertal stands for high product and service quality. In the in-house carpentry shop, the company relies on Lamello system solutions for economical production.

Construction company Rieder Zillertal, founded by Alois Rieder in 1948 as a joinery and carpentry, today employs around 400 staff, of which 40 are experts in the field of doors and furniture. The company has a long tradition of individual planning, personal consulting and passionate workmanship. And you can feel this passion during a tour of the company. The company’s in-house cabinet-making shop implements individual and exclusive lifestyle requirements for private customers and public institutions. Lamello P system connection fittings have been used here in various furniture making applications for more than four years. The company now also has four Zetas P2 biscuit joiners in use. As Engelbert Klocker, head of joinery, who looks back on more than 20 years’ of experience in the operation, reported: "Since we discovered the P-system at a trade fair in 2013, we have been totally thrilled about the system solution. The connectors play a key role in our production process." This is impressively demonstrated in the bench shop, where furniture such as a large wardrobe is currently being joined using the Clamex P-14 fitting and the Tenso P-14. Rieder uses all three Lamello connectors, Clamex, Tenso and Divario, in interior design, with continually increasing volumes. "Currently we process some 20,000 Tenso P-14 and 12,000 Clamex P-14 connectors per year", as Mr. Klocker reveals. Lamello systems also provide great service in construction carpentry work: the company started using the Clamex P-14 for all door panels a year ago. The decisive factor was the tremendous tensile force of the connector. Rieder front doors are high-tech, ecological products made of wood, featuring premium design and engineering – and stability is an important prerequisite. The company manufactures around 3000 interior doors per year, resulting in about 6,000 facings in total.

Fast production

In the modern machine shop, CNC machine operator Maximilian Plattner is at work. He is currently working on an interior door order using a CNC machining centre by Biesse. The centre is used to mill P-system grooves in the workpieces, which are required for connecting the interior doors. Using a program specially developed by Maximilian Plattner, the orders are designed on computers and the P-System fittings are scheduled in an automated process. “Thanks to the P-System, we benefit from a perfect solution and increased economic efficiency", as Mr. Plattner said. 

Simple, quick and precise

During the tour of the workshop, other objects connected using the P-System are waiting to be discovered – such as a wine rack. While Rieder primarily uses the Tenso P-14 for interior design applications, and the profile groove is often milled with the Zeta P2 manual machine, the milling on the door panels is perform in series production using the CNC system. Head of production Armin Gruber sees the accuracy of fit and appearance as the key benefits of the P-System.

„The P-system is brilliantly simple – and all our employees enjoy working with Lamello products. “

The ability to insert without tools is another benefit in the process. Thanks to stackability, the use of connectors significantly reduces the transport volume despite the high level of prefabrication. And it eliminates the risk of finished workpieces being damaged in transport. As clamps are not required for assembly, further waiting times are eliminated. A few weeks ago, the company also started using the new pre-tensioning clip. This makes it possible to manually pre-tension the Tenso P-14 before applying the adhesive in a simple operation. This technique significantly reduces the force required to assemble the workpieces. Moreover, the Tenso P-14 can be used not only for 90° joints, but now also for all kinds adhesion mitre bonding.

„This has a very positive effect, particularly in larger components with multiple fasteners, parts with an unusual shape or special angles “, says Engelbert Klocker.

At the end of the tour of the company, the head of joinery once emphasises his satisfaction with Lamello connectors: “We are grateful for the invention of the P-System solution and will continue to rely on Lamello products in the future.”