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The P-System provides the right solution for every space!
Clamex P-14 and Clamex Flexus: the ideal combination for furniture under a slope
Books, television, music: all in one shelf!
Assembled with Clamex and Tenso connectors
A DJ unit assembled with the P-System
Lamello joining systems in use
Elegant, modular furniture system for bespoke interior design
The module creates extra space, adds structure and can be seamlessly combined with a desk and other open-plan elements
Bespoke furnishings for a Parisian boutique
Lamello connection systems in action
Sophisticated interior design of a reception area
The reception area of this notary's office was extensively overhauled and redesigned.
An original ensemble, connected by Clamex
Stable and detachable project
Bookshelves with asymmetric lines
Connected with the P-System
A restored gem: the Volkswagen camper
CNC Rosenheim develops creative solutions in the field of CNC machining.
An impressive and inspiring bookcase!
The P-System: for a stable and reliable construction
An alliance of wood and aluminium with Cabineo
Interior fitting of a bar with the Cabineo 8 M6 cabinet connector
A spacious tailored library
Completely invisible joints with the connectors of the P-System
Extravagant bookcase under a sloping roof
An ensemble created with Lamello's original wooden biscuits.
A children's room with highly functional furniture
Assembly with the Lamello system and P-System.
"The Cathedral": Bunk bed and cosy sanctuary
An ingenious, compact and functional unit assembled with the P-System.
Bookcase with a secret door
A creative project realised with Lamello connectors that make aesthetic joints possible
A colourful living space
Interior fittings under sloping roofs realised with P-System connectors
Wohnwand verbunden mit Clamex und Tenso
Beautiful tailored corner furniture
This extensive, well-thought-out wall system includes many functions
Unsichtbare Verbindung
A tailored project that combines aesthetics with functionality
Invisible connection with Tenso and Clamex P-14 Flexus
TV-Sideboard mit Invis Mx2
Sailing Timber – the unique TV sideboard
An outstanding combination – the Sailing Timber TV sideboard and our Invis Mx2 magnetic connector
Lamello Tenso P
A stylish accent for a newly designed living space
Glass pane connected using the Tenso self-clamping joining element
Schrank verbunden mit Cabineo
Versatility for success with Lamello joining systems
A cabinet assembled with the Cabineo CNC element
Garderobenmöbel mit Cabineo
Advantages of the Cabineo CNC connector: time savings and flexibility
For this nursery project, Oberson chose to assemble the cloakroom furniture largely with the Cabineo drilling system.
Decorative wood ceiling design in Canada
An impressive project realized with Lamello's P-System
A former inn renovated into a living space for children
Successful combination of the Cabineo and Divario connectors
A tailor-made wine cellar
Clamex and Divario: the ideal combination for shelves and dividers
Musical highs with the Clamex P
A tailored, mobile music studio, realised with the P-System
Module für Showroom
A spacious showroom with simple furnishings
Easy assembly with the detachable Clamex P furniture connector
Selbstspannender Verbinder zum Verleimen
Maximise efficiency with this piece of furniture that combines stairs, desk and storage space
This piece of furniture brings the sun into the house and saves a lot of space
Selbstspannender Verbinder zum Verleimen
Space optimisation with a stylish walk-in wardrobe
This walk-in wardrobe with several drawers, clothes rails and adjustable shelves was joined with the Tenso P-14
Clamex P wiederlösbar Verbinder
Made to measure wardrobe with oak drawers
"How to transport and install several cabinets on a whole wall on your own? Assemble everything using Clamex!"
Gewinner Mylamelloproject
Tool panel and French cleat alternative
Suspension system for hand tools joined with Cabineo 8 M6
Sieger MyLamelloProject
Interior of a souvenir and honey shop joined with Tenso
The interior has been designed as a large honeycomb.
Treppe mylamelloproject
A minimalistic, modern staircase with a platform
The various elements of the stairway (steps, risers and cladding) are joined with the Tenso P-14.
"The Corner", retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
Easy transport and effortless assembly of the 15-piece armchair thanks to Clamex P-14
Lamello Bohrsystem
Modular interior
Wear-free connection with the Cabineo 8 M6
Tourist Service Centre
New Tourist Service Centre in Heringsdorf on Usedom
Lamello Inspiration Cabineo
From utility vehicles to individual motorhomes
With the Cabineo 8 M6, the customer also gets involved in installation, not just design
Impressive storage space with the Cabineo
Shoe fans in particular will love this cabinet
Lamello Inspiration Clamex
Easy to install, even under difficult conditions
The Clamex P-14 simplifies assembly and ensures that the maximum available storage space can be utilised
Lamello Inspiration Clamex
Reading beneath a sky of books
The Deezbüller carpentry company in Friesland has completely reinvented the idea of the sloped ceiling cabinet
Lamello Inspiration Tenso
A designer table, elegantly connected
Tenso P-14 used to connect a designer table in Latin America
Lamello Inspiration Tenso
Minimalistically and elegantly connected
The Tenso P-14 self-clamping connector made gluing this shelf child's play
Lamello Inspiration Tenso
A lounge area that invites you to join the office talk in comfy surroundings
Cabineo and Tenso in harmony with black MDF and oak
Lamello Inspiration Clamex und Tenso
Expertly setting the scene with a small, understated shelf
The Clamex P-14 and Tenso P-14, which enable fast and time-saving implementation, play a key role in the design process
Lamello Inspiration Clamex
Cubes as a design element
An excellent interior design, featuring the cube in a key creative role
Lamello Inspiration Clamex
No way! Won't work! The Clamex P-14 can also handle curves
With the help of the Clamex P-14, 380 square metres of oak veneer and 30 years of know-how, a unique wooden ball has been created – nothing is impossible!
Lamello Inspiration Clamex
When Lamello sets the tone
Nine thousand units of the Clamex P-14 is just a ballpark estimate of the number of connectors that the Käslin joinery company has used in an exciting interior fitting project for the Steinhausen music school
Funktionale Garderobe schnell verbunden dank Divario P-18
Classic changing room with plenty of storage space
Functional cloakroom quickly connected thanks to the Tenso P-14
Cabineo CNC Verbinder für Badzimmermöbel
Elegant bathroom cabinet finished with the P-System
P-System: Fastest joining system with a power tool
Cabineo und Tenso P-14 im Einsatz
A dining and lounge area – a successful combination
Tenso has proven itself as a great gluing aid that simplifies the assembly of components many times over
Büro mit P-System verbunden
One company, one style, many connectors
Successful interior fitting - where the design encompasses the entire company
P-System und Bohrsystem Lamello
Innovative bed connected with Clamex and Invis
Easily connect even the most delicate sections with the Lamello joining systems.
Skulptur verbunden mit Clamex P Verbindern
Wood decoration and woodworking inspired by Lamello
Connecting different edges with Clamex P
Schnelle Montage vor Ort mit dem P-System
Rapid on-site assembly with the P-System
The Lamello Tenso allows to connect even big structures with incredible ease.
Leuchtvitrine verbunden mit Tenso und Clamex Verbindern
Nordic lighting unit connected with the P-System
High-quality, detachable connection with Clamex P-14
Schrank verbunden mit Cabineo CNC Verbindern
Different connections, same connector
Whether narrow, broad or thin connections, all of these are possible with the Cabineo
Weinkeller verbunden mit Clamex P
Wine shelf perfectly connected with the P-System
Detachable connection without adhesive or screws with the Clamex P
P-System Clamex
Creative meeting table connected with Clamex P
The connector can be inserted without any tools and is suitable for detachable or permanently glued joints.
Der Selbstspannender Verbinder Tenso P
Furniture cabinet connected with the Tenso P self-clamping gluing aid
The self-clamping gluing aid is ideal for carcasses, furniture, drawers, furniture fronts, and more.
P-System Tenso P
Modern chest of drawers connected with Tenso P-14
Invisible, self-clamping connector for gluing
Zeitsparender Korpussverbinder
Faster machining and assembly with the Cabineo
Time savings with the Cabineo in the nesting or CNC process
Zeitsparender Korpussverbinder
Cabineo: Time savings in the production chain
Milling and assembly are completed in a matter of seconds
P-System Tenso P
Nursery wall shelf invisibly connected using the Tenso P
Invisible and self-clamping with a very high clamping force
Zerlegbare oder verleimte Montage Clamex P
Complete assembling freedom with the P-System
Detachable or glued assembly
Grosse Werkstücke einfach vor Ort verbinden mit Tenso P
Effortlessly connect large workpieces on site with Tenso P
Anchorage in the workpiece in seconds
Extrem schneller werkzeugloser Einbau der Beschläge
Aesthetics with the P-System joining system
Versatility for all angles and joining situations
Werkzeuglose Verbindermontage
Panelling invisibly connected using Tenso P-14
Tool-free connector installation
Bohrsystem Invis Mx2
Masterpieces connected using the Invis Mx2 drilling system
Invis Mx is the unique connection that satisfies the highest demands
Komplett verdeckte Lösung für Holzwandregal
Completely concealed solution for wooden wall book shelves
Insertion of shelves or separation walls after transpor t allows for a lower transport weight
Wohndesign mit Lamello Systemlösungen
Interior Design with Lamello joining solutions
Quality, innovation and excellent functionality
Der Korpusverbinder Cabineo im Einsatz: einfach, schnell & kräftig
Cabineo: Easy, fast and strong
"The fitting impressed us due to its simple processing, time-saving assembly, detachability and high clamping force" Christian Lenhart
Ästhetische Lösung und Zeitgewinn dank dem P-System
The P-System provides an aesthetic and time-saving solution
At Stuber Team AG, the Clamex P-14 is regularly used for custom-made interior fittings.
Clamex P: Vielseitig für alle Verbindungssituationen
Clamex P: Versatile for all joining situations
Flexible for all angles and mitres, the Clamex P does without glue or screws.
Schnell und effizient Verleimen mit dem Tenso P
Fast and efficient gluing with Tenso P
The Tenso P fulfils three functions simultaneously: alignment, clamping and joining.
Der Verbinder ist schnell eingebaut, unsichtbar und es entstehen keine Wartezeiten
Interior design: Amazing efficiency and high utilisation levels, thanks to the P-System
«The connector is quick to install, is invisible and there is no waiting time...»
Der Clamex P verzichtet auf Klebstoff oder Schrauben und bringt unzählige Vorteile im Herstellungsprozess und in der Differenzierung zu Möbelstandards.
Enormous tractive force of the Clamex P for door panels
The Clamex P does without glue or screws and offers countless advantages in the manufacturing process and in differentiation from furniture standards.
Clamex P: Effiziente Montage: Werkzeuglose Verankerung ohne Klebstoff oder Schrauben
Wardrobe installation with the Clamex P
Efficient assembly: Toolless anchoring without glue or screws
 „Ästhetik, Zugfestigkeit und die Funktionalität sind nur einige der Aspekte, welche unsere Tischler am Clamex P-14 schätzen. Durch den hohen Vorfertigungsgrad der Möbelelemente lässt sich ausserdem viel Zeit sparen." Projektleiter Christian Matt
P-System in Kitchen construction
„Aesthetics, tensile strength and functionality are just some of the aspects that our carpenters at Clamex P-14 appreciate..."
Clamex P-14 Lösbare Verbindungsbeschläge mit kleinster Bedienöffnung
Modern shelf connected with the detachable Clamex P-14
“The simplicity of the Lamello connector never fails to impress my team and I" Christoph Büchi, CEO
Kraftvolle und unsichtbare Lösung für das ergonomische Design vom Sitzmöbel "Cosy Boy" .
Solid wood lounge chair connected with Invis
Powerful and invisible solution for the ergonomic design of the "Cosy Boy" seating furniture.
Clamex P-14, Wiederlösbarer Möbelverbinder
Innovative office furniture joined together with Clamex P-14
Thanks to pre-assembled connectors, minimal assembly time for the customer.
Invis Mx2
Invis Mx2 links cubes at Zentrum Paul Klee
Complete preparations in the workshop, and make connections quickly and invisibly on-site!
Gluing furniture parts on site using P-System
Glue mitres perfectly, without needing to transport clamps to the construction site.
Divario P-18
Creative shelving units with Divario P-18
Insert horizontal or vertical separating units without tools
Gain space in final assembly thanks to P-System
And with no need to wait for glue to dry, furniture parts don’t use up clamps or space in the final assembly area.
Divario P-18
The ultimate floating wine shelf
Simply use the Divario P-18 to insert, and create solid connections for shelf sides
Clamex P-14
New generation of home furniture
All that’s visible is a 6mm operating hole for the detachable Clamex P-14
Clamex P-14
Solidly and aesthetically connected cafeteria bar table
The P-System means that the Clamex P-14 is perfectly anchored and powerfully clamps the mitre together
Tenso P-14
Solid wood drawer featuring cutting-edge joining solution
Tenso P-14 instead of dovetailing – Invisible, stable, quick.
Divario P-18
Organic, natural separation wall with Divario P-18
Achieve a clean aesthetic using P-System joining solutions
Divario P-18
Clever shelving connection for home furniture
Transport it disassembled, insert it, and you’re done!
Efficiently producing and assembling fitted cabinets using Cabineo
A stable, premounted connector – no additional dowels required
Clamex P-14
Aesthetically connected desks with modern design
Flat-pack delivery, but with quick, stable and detachable assembly
Clamex P-14
Complete creative freedom thanks to the P-System connector range
Joining solutions for all angles and connection situations