LIGNA 2017 – Cabineo ready for take off

Voices and opinions about the new Lamello connector

Visitors to LIGNA in Hanover were able to enjoy the first live demonstrations of Cabineo, which has been specially designed for all CNC machines. The CNC connector enjoyed significant interest from exhibitors and visitors alike. Alongside Cabineo, the P-System was also prominently represented on a number of exhibition stands. Read our review of the exhibition to find out how our partners rated Cabineo, and gain a valuable insight into the business relationships of Lamello AG.

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Bernd Steimle
Key Account Manager

« The straightforward collaboration with the Lamello product management team, as well as the huge potential of the products, make Lamello a valuable partner for us. » 



Stefan Benkart
Product Management/Sales
Special Machinery

«European sales of nesting machines are continuing to rise. Cabineo is the ideal, easy-fit connector for this type of machining. The macro for Cabineo is already pre-installed on our machines.»



Giorgio Galimberti
Business Manager BREMA

« I’m particularly impressed by the simplicity and efficiency achieved through the use of P-System connectors. At LIGNA, we will present a number of machines which are P-System ready, including the Brema Eko 2.1 and 2.2, as well as all Vector machines. » 

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Werner Brinkhaus
Senior Manager

«I can clearly remember my answer when Lamello asked me about potentially useful solutions with regard to nesting applications. My suggestion was a connector without additional horizontal machining. The market launch of Cabineo has seen this suggestion come to fruition and I’m delighted at how easy it is to handle for nesting applications! Lamello has time and again excelled as a driver of innovation in the wood connections sector, and is a highly rated partner for HOMAG.»

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Format 4

Armin Brucic
Product manager

«Lamello products have been proven for years on the market and their functionality is second to none. While the P-System offers individual solutions for high-end furniture construction, I see the Cabineo as a strong connector for all nesting applications.» 

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Winfried StienenManaging Director
Mr Mario Bianchi, Masterwood Germany

« In our opinion, Cabineo has the potential to make connectors attractive to customers who may normally use dowels in their production processes. Lamello stays true to its roots and the constant desire to find new, practical connection solutions never fails to impress. »

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Benjamin Stüttgen
Product Manager

« For me, Lamello and its wood connectors have revolutionised the sector. Small product, big impact, huge potential! » 

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direkt cnc-systeme gmbh/ NC Hops

Jürgen Blessing

« What we’re most impressed by, in the P-System connectors from Lamello, is the flexibility they offer in cabinetry applications. The simplicity of these connectors is their real strength, from processing to final installation. » 

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Andreas Wyss
Sales, Project Manager

« When I hear the name Lamello, I immediately think of Clamex, as its macro is integrated into our Point Line programme. » 

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Stephan Schneider

« Cabineo has made a big impression on our customers. Not only is it compatible with CNC, it’s also ideal for nesting solutions. We therefore see a whole range of possible applications, especially since AlphaCAM is one of the leading programming systems in the nesting application sector worldwide. » 

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Frank Ruschmeier

« Lamello’s aim, in the niche market of wood connectors, is in line with our philosophy: to offer the best possible, most customer-friendly solution in the area of CAD/CAM through the use of innovative products. »

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Top Solid

Mathias Schad
Sales Executive

Armand Choquin
Europe Business Manager at Missler Software. Publisher of Top Solid

« The macro for CNC cutting of the Clamex-P groove is already integrated into the Top Solid library. Customers who use the P-System have found an outstanding solution in this high-quality, simple and efficient option. »

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ATEMAG Aggregatetechnologie und Manufaktur AG

Thorsten Göppert
Marketing Manager VWA

« Our ‘Duo Clamex P’ assembly represents a tool specifically designed for cutting and drilling the P-System groove. We decided to take this step following a huge number of enquiries from our customers. »

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Verena Hauser
Design / Design Engineering

« I appreciate the hassle-free collaboration with the Lamello team. After positive experiences with the P-System, we decided to develop a unit for Cabineo. The Multi V3 Cabineo, with its multi-spindle head, was exclusively developed for Cabineo in record time, and was presented to the general public for the first time at LIGNA. » 

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Carsten Clauder
Managing Director

« I very much appreciate the fact that Lamello is both down-to-earth and serious. We have enjoyed collaborating as partners for some years now. Our customers continue to request assemblies for P-System cuts: clear evidence of the company’s outstanding market penetration. » 

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Gianfranco Boemio
Area Manager

« For me, Lamello stands for reliable quality and innovation at the highest level! I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the strong presence of the Lamello brand name – which perfectly communicates its function. »

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Antoine Vernez
Sales Manager, Group

« Lamello products have accompanied me, since my carpentry apprenticeship. I always eagerly anticipate the new connectors that this tradition-rich company brings to the market. The Cabineo fascinates me because of the simplicity of processing, which makes this connector very interesting from a production perspective. »

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Ansgar Uhl
Forschung und Entwicklung PM Schaftwerkzeuge

« Lamello stands for Swiss precision, functionality, quality, sophisticated solutions, and the many benefits to the customer as a result. I first became aware of Lamello’s innovative solutions during my university days. So far, the P-System has been the highlight of these extremely interesting products, but I’m certain it’s by no means the last, as Lamello’s solutions are well-rounded rather than one-dimensional. »

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Lucia Dionigi
Export Department

Stefano Veschi
Export Department

« The smart work solutions from Lamello continue to amaze us. P-System joining solutions not only feature unparalleled innovation, but also offer outstanding reliability. »