Milling the P system groove in the centre of the plate

with 5-axis CNC machines
  1. Option 1
    Use of an angle aggregate (e.g. door lock aggregate, corner notch aggregate)

  2. Option 2
    Combination of CNC with Zeta manual machine Two 5mm positioning holes (101mm distance) are perforated in the surface of the work piece with the CNC machine. They are used to align the Zeta P2 precisely against the work piece.

  3. Option 3
    Tool manufacturers also offer shaft tools/contour mills for 5-axis machines to make the Lamello P system groove.

Lamello recommends making all profile grooves with a disc cutter, mostly for reasons of accuracy, work time, milling time and thus the economic feasibility.

A shaft tool or contour mill cutter should only be used for the milling of surfaces if no angle aggregate is available. The programming for this process must be implemented by the user.