The expansion gap and parquet cutter for gap width 4 - 8 mm


Variocut is the ideal solution for cutting expansion gaps. To allow for the expansion and contraction of the wood, a gap must be provided between the wall and roof panelling or flooring. For aesthetic reasons, this gap must be even and relatively small. The saw blade can be set to the minimal cutting width of 4 mm via the rotary knob, thus enabling clean and efficient cutting of this groove.

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Variocut, in a Systainer
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Product information

Revolutionary height adjustment

Adjustable cutter position (+-2 mm) in 0.1 mm increments over the rotary knob, for individual positioning of the groove.

Technical information machines

Voltage (V):
230 V
Power (W):
1050 W
Speed (U/min):
10'000 minˉ¹
Cutting depth max:
0-20 mm
Saw blade:
D 100 x 2.4 x 22 mm, Z20
Weight (kg):
3.5 kg
Cutting height:
4-8 mm 1/10 mm per step or more by using a spacer

Technical documentation and video

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Saw blade, HW, Ø 100 mm, Z20, 4 NL

Blade to cut expansion gaps

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