Clamex S-20

Detachable furniture connector for the 4 mm groove
Holz verbinden


Clamex S-20 is a detachable connector for the Lamello system for material thicknesses from 16 mm and is fastened in the groove with screws. The symmetric 4 mm grooves can be created with any biscuit joiner. Clamex S-20 is connected to the counterpart with a lever and has a lateral installation tolerance. It requires no adhesive, enables aesthetic connections at all angles and is ideal for fixed or detachable connections.

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Clamex S-20, 20 pairs, incl. screws

Clamex S-20, 80 pairs, incl. screws

Clamex S-20, 300 pairs

Clamex S-20, 1000 pairs

Clamex S-20 Starter set

In Systainer M137, scope of delivery: Clamex S-20, 80 pairs incl. screws, Clamex S-20 drill jig inlc. drill Ø 6 mm, Clamex P Installation tool

Product information


A cutting principle for many different joining elements.

Very aesthetic

Only a small, barely visible tool opening of 6mm is used to open and close the connector.

Technical information

Size (mm):
59 × 12 × 3.9 mm
Ø 100 × 4 × 22 mm
Material connector:
Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Material lever:
Zinc die cast
Installation tolerance:
Long. ± 1 mm/radial ± 0 mm
Tensile strength (N)
620 N
Tensile strength (N)
Particle board:
490 N
Tensile strength (N)
620 N

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Clamex S-20 drill jig incl. drill Ø6 mm

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Clamex S-20 drill and alignment jig

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Clamex S-20 screw, Ø3x12 mm, 1,500 pieces

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