Glue applicators

Glue applicator for water soluble glues


The Lamello gluing-system combines ease of use and efficient glue application with minimal cleaning requirements. The stainless steel pressure tank holds either 3, 5 or 10 kg of glue at a pressure of max. 5 bars. To start the glue application, you simply connect the desired nozzle to the glue pistol via the bayonet coupling. When finished, the nozzle can be washed under the tap and the front of the glue gun wiped clean. The LK glue applicators can be stored for weeks with the pressurised PVA glue in the system.

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LK 3 Glue applicator
  • 4 m hose
  • glue gun LK 0
  • pointed nozzle


LK 5 Glue applicator
  • 4 m hose
  • glue gun LK 0
  • pointed nozzle

LK 10 Glue applicator
  • 4 m hose
  • glue gun LK 0
  • pointed nozzle
  • with 2 hose connections

Glue gun LK 0

Product information

Apply glue quickly and evenly

Apply glue efficiently using the right nozzle, and save time – whatever the size of the workpiece.

Easy expansion

If a distributor is attached to the LK, additional glue guns can be added to the same glue applicator.

Nozzle change in seconds

The bayonet coupling enables rapid nozzle changes.

Technical information machines

LK 3: 210 x 220 mm
LK 5: 210 x 340 mm
LK 10: 285 x 410 mm
Operating pressure:
1 - 5 bar
Capacity (kg):
LK 3: 3 kg
LK 5: 5 kg
LK 10: 10 kg

Corresponding system products

Hose mounted 10x4000 mm

Hose to work with the Gluing System

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Distributor for 3 additional hoses

To connect several hoses to the glue applicator

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Glue gun LK-0

Glue gun with manueal release

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