Clamex P-14/10 Medius

Detachable connector for centre panels for materials from 16 mm thickness


Clamex P-14/10 Medius is a detachable connector and is anchored in the form-locking P-System groove within seconds.
Through the minimalist 6 mm access hole, Clamex P-14/10 Medius is firmly connected and disconnected using a lever. The connector for divisions has two installation depths and is used when two shelves are attached to the same dividing panel at the same height. Due to the reduced installation depth of 10 mm, the minimal thickness for the division is 16 mm.

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Clamex P-14/10 Medius, 80 pairs

Clamex P-14/10 Medius, 300 pairs

Clamex P-14/10 Medius, 1000 pairs

P-System connector assortment professional

Assortment contains

• 120 pairs Clamex P-14
• 30 pairs Clamex P-14/10 Flexus
• 30 pairs Clamex P-10
• 80 pairs Tenso P-14 incl. clip
• 30 pairs Tenso P-10 incl. clip
• 20 pcs Bisco P-14
• 20 pcs Bisco P-10
• 80 pairs Divario P-18
• Divario Installation Tool/Drill/Marking Gauge
• Clamex P Installation Tool
• Sortainer T-Loc

P-System connector assortment basic

Assortment contains

• 80 pairs Clamex P-14
• 80 pairs Tenso P-14 incl. clip
• 60 pairs Clamex P-14/10 Medius
• 20 pcs Bisco P-14
• Systainer T-Loc Gr. II incl. compartment dividers

Product information

Ideal for separating panels

Clamex P-14 Medius enables joints of separating panels with panel thicknesses from 16 mm.

A detachable all-rounder

Workpieces connected with the Clamex P can be detached at any time using the rotating lever.

Fastest connection

Connected in seconds with Clamex or Tenso. Connection is complete within seconds, without waiting time, clamps, or post-processing work.

P-System anchorage

Tool-free anchoring of connectors, without adhesive or screws.

Technical information

Size (mm):
64 x 13.5 x 9.7 mm
52 x 7.5 x 9.7 mm
Ø 100.4 x 7 x 22
Material connector:
Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Material lever:
Zinc die cast
Installation tolerance:
Longitudinal ± 1 mm
Tensile strength (N)
Particle board:
~700 N ≈ 70 kg
Tensile strength (N)
~ 800 N ≈ 80 kg
Tensile strength (N)
~ 900 N ≈ 90 kg

Corresponding system products

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Clamex P installation tool, flexible

For the easy opening and closing of Clamex P connectors

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P-System drill jig, for Clamex P-14, P-10 and Medius

Drilling of the Clamex P drill hole, for angles from 22.5 - 180 degrees

For materials up to 60mm thickness

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P-System drill jig long, for Clamex P-14, P-10, Medius

Drilling of the Clamex P drill hole, for angles from 22.5 - 180 degrees

For materials up to 80mm thickness

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