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Key information in brief:

  • 2 years' guarantee on all Lamello devices; no registration required
  • 3 Year Warranty for Lamello Biscuit Joiners (Zeta P2, Top 21, Classic X)
  • Guarantee for replacement parts of at least 10 years; 15 years on carbon brushes and switches
  • Repairs carried out by certified Lamello service partners

2-year guarantee
At Lamello you get more for your money: Lamello now offers not just innovation, top quality and decades of experience in the field of woodworking – it also offers a 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase on all machines and no registration is required.

3 Year Warranty for Lamello Biscuit Joiners 
The 3 year warranty* is valid exclusively for the Lamello Biscuit Joiners: Zeta P2, Classic X or Top 21 in selected markets and when registered on Lamello’s website within 30 days of purchase from an authorised Lamello retail partner. Register here 

10-year guarantee
on replacement parts Lamello devices last an extremely long time. Whatever replacement part your device requires, we'll keep it in stock for at least 10 years, and carbon brushes and switches for at least 15 years as of Lamello AG's last production date. If a replacement part is no longer available within the ten-year period, the customer will receive the next largest assembly group for the price of the replacement part.

Customer service and repairs
Contact your specialist retailer directly. They'll forward your machine to Lamello's repair services. In the vast majority of cases, your tool will back on its way two to three working days at the latest after the Lamello service partner has received the machine

Repair order form:
To make the repair process as quick and easy as possible, please use only the Lamello repair order form.

To guarantee the safety and reliability of your device, repair, maintenance and adjustment work should be carried out only by workshops or customer service centres authorised by Lamello using only Lamello original replacement parts.