Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Version: 2015.2
as of: 1th of Septembre 2015


You get more for your money at Lamello: Lamello now offers not just innovation, top quality and decades of experience in the field of woodworking – as of 1th September 2015, it also offers a 2-year guarantee on all machines and no registration is required.

Guarantee from the date of purchase of the device in line with the following terms and conditions:

Guarantee terms & conditions:

Each and every Lamello tool is subject to careful inspection and strict checks by Lamello Quality Assurance. Lamello provides purchasers with a manufacturer's guarantee. This does not affect contractual or legal guarantee claims.

The following applies to all devices with the CE logo that form part of Lamello's range of products: The guarantee lasts for 24 months from the date of purchase for commercial users and private consumers. During this period, Lamello will pay the costs of repair and guarantee the replacement of the faulty parts free of charge should a material or manufacturer's fault occur.

There can be no claims under the guarantee in particular:

  • For damage caused by improper use resulting from not complying with the operating manual.
  • For damage due to use for a purpose other than the purpose intended, use of unsuitable accessories and use with blunt milling tools.
  • For overloading, operation using an incorrect voltage or the wrong type of current.
  • For damage caused by third party actions e.g. dropping or hitting.
  • For consistently hard-wearing use, in particular permanent industrial use or ongoing above average use of the device.

Normal wear and tear or wear of components, e.g. carbon brushes, ball bearings, switches, cables, seals resulting from use are not included in the guarantee.

Dismantled or partially dismantled devices or devices repaired using third party parts are also excluded from the guarantee, as are devices on which repair attempts have been carried out by non-authorised persons.

Services carried out under guarantee shall be performed exclusively by Lamello itself or by authorised service partners (a list of whom can be viewed at

Services provided under guarantee do not lengthen or renew the guarantee period for the machine.

In the event of a service being claimed under guarantee, the affected power tool should be submitted in full to Lamello or the authorised service partners together with a copy of proof of purchase (including product description and date of purchase) and the completed repair order form. The details in the two documents must match; the type label must be present on the machine. The claimer is responsible for all postage costs.

Lamello's General Terms and Conditions of Business apply.